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New Releases on death666Records

Split SKLPL/Mats Trip



Download Split SKLPL/MT here (90Mo) does not include the bonus tracks on CD dsxcd666-23

Long out of print CD

collection available at 4.50 euros per CD (shipping not included) with original artwork and packaging

Mat s Trip - Ultra Noisy Mixdown

Tracklisting :

Credits :

New Digital Downloads

with full artwork and new FLAC/MP3 encoding : MP3 encoded at 320kbps and FLAC (FLAC : free lossless audio codec, much bigger then mp3 to download but with rather god quality

Albums : Outtakes 33rpm 12inch 140g virgin vynil

Tracklisting :

Credits :

Download Side A MP3 here

Other Titles

Mat s Trip - the End of Time

Download full lenght mastertape here

To be cutted to 180g virgin 12inch vynil end 2013, early 2014 on LP only record abstractLP03

credits :

Other Upcoming Titles/Releases

Death66 will launch a 10inch red vinyl series w/ various artists, platting will be made at GZ digital media

Other Releases

Outtakes 1st debut album from 2006 willl have a additional live CD performance included along with a new insert for instance it s a a4 typewritted photocopy with various pictures taken by IB (aka igor boyer)

The CD will be professionally processed and then mastered, date of issue/street date : Sept,3rd 2013 - it will come inserted in thhe remaining LP of Outtakes plus some copies digipack handprocessed and maybe some in some kind of deluxe edition with 12 pages booklet

By the way on the Media Archives section who promote abstract concrete artists photos will be upgraded in quality and format and also unveiled the forthcoming artwork for MT LP release 'the end of time' with the same kind of artwork as outtakes 1st album : pix in the middle with same typewritted, back will consist of a collage by richard prince (courtesy of barbara gladstone gallery, nyc)

This difficult project to produce, finace and support will include as well like outtakes Lp a free digital download and a free single club subscription

The mastering engineer for the outtakes live project & the end of time will be Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering Montreal, Quebec, Canada and maybe a DMM made at Sterling Sound, NYC by Steve Fallone

Streaming Tape volume 11

see archived infos here

For Singe Club full regulation write here or contact death666records at hotmail dot com

A punk/hardcore and electronic sound compilation (48 tracks total)

Excellent finest full stereo sound MP3 stream LAME encoding 192/320kBps (requires broadband DSL) powered by Fileden & Boxter

> deleted our poroviders just shut down after the big mega upload story an d many of the providers for our music that we deceide to brpoadcast with copyright authorizations doesn t serem to fity to certain provioders of music they don t own rights for and that s the problem in anti piracy, you can t pirate us i meanwe are to small and we love being downloaded (good for business)> all you can do now is download our files six new digital release only on the run catch this (no) wave remainng times of independent razorblade riffing and wall of sound techno form emergeging then going to harsh noisde before releasing (cd 6 abn) the more metal punk band of the local scene if at leats we cvould unite

As you may have noticed since january the first 2013, some problem emerge from many technical 'flaws' (2 mouth on 'blank' ,mode) and the impossibility to download MP3s but death666 empire strikes back w/ this full pack of MP3 for techno lovers to hars noise/expe to hardcore punk crust stoner andall, the the mainly problem with the free legal mp3 data it appears that some people don t own rights and their content folder were cleared, erased over and out etcand its been arranged the mediafire content is still accessible and as good new new digital only records may come A full history of ass n dick plus additional CD 3 4 and 5 for the ten years digital comp along with artwork and add l photography of the sessions it s so bad some links doesn t work out because the website that provided us the streaming just deaseapear or get kicked after the megaup load story ceased by fbi, remember just that artist agreed to share this music with you under creative commom licence which means many obligation, the moral rights keeps belonging to the authors and artists, you may not use the download for commercial purpose, some cannot be changed and some can with sampling plus licence we let you some crazy beats on cc mixter why don t you take a look, once it s been shaped and that i hope everything will reworked we let you know how hard we ve been worriying about this and try to maintain the website as it is, for more abstract info go to media sectio, enjoy the recordings and keep on downloading our music, more than a gift to you this is a gift to us, unable to release physical copies of the three hundred digital downloads by project to be honest it s quite nice to be in the middle of the wood in southern france and b able to communicate freely music among people who do know the site and the labels behind it, it happenned that some icons links and stuff are missing after installing a ftp server i ll be able to recover it just please be patient, and most of all thanks to all of you who came here for the music, the brutal deathcore electronics fast machines of death and the quiet soundscapes of abstrcat which is about to release a costless or two triple LP set between 2014 and 2018, that s all for the news thanks for your understanding and thanks to you, we try to arrange the streamping problems has everything had changed on the net planet so hope we will surprise you sometimes, you diserve it, the 3 additionals CDs for ten years will be available soon as it hasn t been properly mastered, cleaned , filtered, EQ, dynamics and much more to provide the audience a true sense of deathcore coming from so many different sources cxassettes videotapes rehearshalls full 24-tracks, 16-traks, 8-tracks and impro and mini disc recorded reshearched on faulty hard drive and meticulously saved back up archives onto dvd and physical hard drive see you soon for more sonic adventures I hope

Additional Free Legal Downloads Digital Releases

under a Creative Commom licence, the music is copyrighted by the artists involved in the works - death 666 records punlish those song w/ oral/signed contract under pas de modif - share alike - non commercial unported licence - requires a zip utilitary to unzip (vista as one, we recommend winrar or winzip, flash, a mp3 player (songbird, jet audfio, itunes etc) requires broadband DSL to download 'properly'/p>

>it scheduled for may,13th 2013 and ready to burn legally

disc 6 features a 10 years retropspective like the two first cd 4 and 5 are more techno like 5 first years of death

it inlucdes also a 'full recording retrosdpective of the band known as ass n dick (rip) with all the rec it release for death and more to pay them respect for what they bring to this scene indeed we haven t got all the artists authorisation required for this version of internet broadcast guess it s hard to speak as they mooved a while ago, a sucessful record as we made something like 50 copies with all the dates, should at leats put 2/3 tracks on LP well that s not the whole point, we haven t finish tracklisting of side a and artistic coordination and network of indie rock sellers, and our dear stores here and there that provide at low cost our productions (CD/7"/LP/tapes/Digital (FLAC/MP3) and so onthanks to select indies stores and labels/local or not indie distros that support us in a heavilly complex context/network since so many years now on death and w/ for distorsions rurales aka the mauriac crew (at least the people into the organisation of the live events)Distorsion Rurales present the Mauriac Compilin association with death, weekly organisation over 3 years or more lead us to more than 66 bands in 6 years and to compil all of this will take some tight so hold on vote for peace and we lll se you sooon, 100 numerotated hand package will be made, factory numbers 100 to 250 will bemade and 50 promotional items, it might delay the 10 inch to july/august 2013 and by the way the outtakes only live recorded to tape in 16-tr will be professionally mastered this summer issued on 500 copies (300 for the LP record on serigraphic one color print) and digipack version of the CD in 200 copies numerotated from 1 to 100 for the hand manufactured and 100 to 200 for the factory made digipack (both versions include the same track listing) our only worries are about the lgal issue to put costes on 33rpm and even to push releasing w/ our VAT number abstractLP02/03 w/o any authorisatiopn as it s out of price, i love richard kern, richard prince, mike kelley, raymond pettibonde, richard hell, phillip virus and most of all most of the contemporary wave around the turn of the millenium (taschen good book) franz ackerman could be nice too and many other artists like the aids patient artists that made a huige thing called one day of quadritherapy repressenting enormous pills arranged etc no there's some cool stuff on contemporray art but it become mainstreamm in a sense , people sell their art at incredible prices which is the art market, once you mazrk at least some of the 'art' chapter you re doomed to have a fucking career, people like yoko ono was the first to give her permission instead of doing stupid things>/em>because she does listen to the CD is aw fingerprint (i love the no fingerprints labels by the way, yeah we like b ut we haven t touched it, the more fun is when you got duplates you see exactly what has been listenned because they often overload the stanton or sure anyway----))guess how much he want for its reproduction (its a square inch it s really background of major painting, he likes my montage which is good sign but pay 8 000 fore rpinting is out of question same thing for william burroughs trust (by the way some original burroughs voice had been taken from the work on word beat/rhino/warner and used w/o permission other excrept came from tape on Mouth Almighty/Mercury Records)it s 'artists' that are now published well known and demanding more and more money even for small project where we won t pay anyway so fuck it, let s spin the CC logo instead of the sdrm one (just onbne rack to add tpo AandR (artist and repertoire) i won t pay another 80 euros of adhesion just to register more sound protected by scaem incorporated we prefer the libertry offered specially in mp3 domain w/ CC licences www creativecommoms dot org

here are the new MP3 packages (all in high quality w/ artwork) enjoy

Thanks to Distorsions Rurales - Project artistic coordinators, fab, loulou, fred, jules and many others and most of all trhanks to all the artists on the extended version of'ten years' sklpl,outtakes, igor for all (original photography design etc) to follow a disc 3 more outtakes like

>Complete Ass n Dick History Disc A it includes the first album black penitence with many takes, plus the second album recorded at MSC(to make it clear the first one encoded in 160 kbps was recorded fully by fred at mauriac with tascam four track cassette and a set of hard phone not a sm57, the second was more or less recorded in six days with separte tracks by mat with fred, the third 24 tr was made by Manu or Jules at Manu s Studio 24-tr loaded with nice outboard fx and a large beautiful HD recorded peace of gear i nearly instantly well enough of this, FYI it s in in the Lot(46) death studios are also in the lot(46) but recording on location (for ass n dick recordings) was made at the time at mauriac sound city in six days around summer we recorded somle add outakes in 2-tr and los ivres de la te,ntation did their mini CD the same rec sessions amazingf isn t it in 'correct' stereo despite our 8 tr at the time and some overhead audio tek and percusssive stuff, plus some gear we re loaded now anyway that was at the time they did play a lot in a way bring a lot that s it for death666 The AZrt of Skalping mixed at death666 by the band with mat 2nd engineer assistant Fred cubase mix pro tools mat)anbd many reshearched on totally unreleased track live and so on with full artwork on black penitence because it feaztures two versions with differents artworks ,(for touring so we made a second release remastered and repackaged for your info for touring only purpose) guess what art and the first are kind of top seller on death still same thing w/ The Anti Beat thanks to Distorsions Rurales for permitting us releasing music recorded at their space

>Complete Ass n Dick History Disc B it includes the art off skalping FORTUNATELY THE FULL the latest 24-tracks reshearchged and find lately in glorious 320kbps, but with full artwork on the mp3 dtata and also features a set of photograph taken during the six days of recording on location at the time 8 track mixed afterwhile at death

>Complete Ass n Dick History : The Anti Beat Disc C it includes more or less The Anti Beat history around the same time ass n dick gets their album released in association with death many things exept the full 24 tracks old song classic 4 track demo and many more from sound archves, it includes as well the anti beat four tracks attack mechanics to represent their noise full blast beatbox mechanics against screaming guitars and bass attack thanks to distorsions rurales and for Fred LL for artistic coordination in the releasing of those files /o help could not have been possible

>Ten years of death666records, an anthology Disc 3 (2009 original cut edition) it includes hints at the time for our most beloved MP3 drive/directory reshearccher as a bonus surprise of an eventual disc 3, 2 being now in another version, well i can t remember what wze pout on it surely enough mp3 music from the state of the art recording of electro or punk rock don t be dissapointed, we don t do return on free merchandise anyway so let bssee, let s rockfor our dedicated folder reshearcher as a bonus CD made in 2009 i don t remember but i guess there is some artwork and some mp3 that s all sorry it haven t been revised yet

>Ten years of death666records, an anthology Disc 4 (2013 edition) not yet mastered it includes more tapes from death history (more the first 5 years MT only hugfe tracks HQ sorry)in revised sound with cover artwork and backtray card

>Ten years of death666records, an anthology Disc 5 (2013 edition) it includes more tapes from death history (it in cludes more SKPL tapes restaured and as well some more elctronics focusing on the very first years of the label 5 first years it includes as well full short disco of dead hippie sound recorded at y2k) in revised sound with cover artwork and backtray card

>Ten years of death666records, an anthology Disc 6 (2013 edition) it includes more tapes from death history (it folcused on the whole ten years with as n dick full 24 trk find lately in faulty hD, then all of the rooster from start to finish exept Rastapopoulos we don t got soon enough the proper artists autorisations, delayed so)revised sound with artwork and lyrics plus artwork of front znd backtraycard

>Mats Trip - The End of Time no cuts original version it includes the one take recording, without looping or overdubs of the now dedicated public ,domain work of this original piece recorded with three guitars and many fx all around , it includes natural rain presence thru all the track hope it will be released one day as LP but nothing is so unsure at that time

>Ten Years of death 666 Disc 2 (restaured in 2013 diff tracklisting diif version s)sorry we re a bit late for that one but sure it s worth time to wait - diff tracklisting w/ fine nice track even bettern than the disc 6 - it includes more of sklpl clean tapes from its own titled 'very best of' and also 'la riposte' also some great stuff find lately in masterdisks - some good track (despite the flaw of project9 dosd who remain one of tthe most difficulty accessible project (along with dsxcd666-14 finally MT stiuill the best harsh noise noise core classic HC techno with no stand up over 1/2 min) it generally feature complex live where everyone run away for its life its a strange time evrytime i didn t do the same thing twicer so - it was sabotaged, white noise additions, feeling of unpleasantness music John Cage says desinterest with seduction that s the whole thing about the end of time (public domain) which is the recording we were taliking about i guess

>Abstract Promo Pack Disc One revised audio and sound, artwork m¨ore high quality mp3s with a little preference for huge 16 tracks landscapes than eventual electron ics hybrid of wall of guitars against a tape played back with the loudness of electronics

>Abatrsct CD 2 promotional abstractDG02 Disc 2 it includes revised sound and audio mp3 in higher quality more artwork more infios more links more details on sources used

>Abbstract CD 3 promotional abstractDG02 Disc 2/3 revised (scheduled may,13th 2013) we are sorry we are late on this one too--it includes revised sound and audio mp3 in higher quality more artwork more infios more links more details on sources used - it is focused on abstract concrete non official relezease of outtakes and mastered tapes plus some unreleased tracks from here and there rec in 16 tr - behold summer might bring you a concert of ouyttakes professionally mastered with serigraphic and stencil experiments along with hand glues and cutted packaging digipack with booklet and all

>Outtakes - Patience abstractDG05 Outtakes 2005 CD release as abstractCD005 now in full MP3 version with revised sound, lame encoding up to 320 Kbps includes some tracks that prefigure the LP issue with of course the artwork of the work as we repackage some of long time out of print CDs, hope you will enjoy the sound of Outtakes at this time (2003-2005) with additional bass, drums, clarinette contralto, keyboards, two guitars and many keyboards, this version of the CD had been worked out tweaked (with a false ending on the last track (reprise) and various additional takes like the bang bang bar song and other various fuck ups plus a remix by MT of se sentir libre (low tension mix) some of the tracks are assembled from many sources and recordings we will lay down ddetails sooner than you think and it s again a free download so enjoy !

death666mp3 high quality : For the anti beat music download Disc C of Complete Ass n Dick (rip) recording (punk/harcore/metal/beatbox) ; for more crust/punk/stoner/beatbox/hardcore/metal download disc 6 and 2 - for download the ass n dicks(rip) disc A and B plus Disc 6 and 2 of compil

for more techno like album (the first five years duet of SKLPL w/ Mat intersecting clean HC rave sound and no stand ups above 1/2 min well sometimes i cheat but it sounds fine even if we dig out this tape from more than 10 years now crashed and destroyed extreme techno(harsh noise, punk, electronics) attitude ' Tls HC punk DIY never dies !from the earlier year of the label download CD 5 and CD 4 and also 6 and CD2 (new version)- it features a kind of the counterpart from death music (punk/electric hc/crust/punk/stonner etc) on the electronic field, punk/hardcore/metal/crust/punk came on the last 5 years (Disc 6 and 2)

,, we would appreciate comments and questions about amny things you may asked<

>Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 France License.

Music Stream Player

That is supposed to works and that we repaired lately this year two thousand thirteen and that fuck up since at least 3 years

FYI it s not as simple as that as the mp3 object are linked to our own database and most of our repertories for streaming had been erased over and out by good people as they didn t seem to exist so I have all files to re upload and it takes time, thanks for your patience, you can support us for the free downloads and get our new series at 4.50 euros per CD album includes booklet and classic handgluezd death digipacks with stickers and audio/data CDs that will include videos, HQ MP3s of nthe album plus promo items

Enjoy the sound ! some tiltles are available on CD other on Digital Format Release (FLAC and MP3) see our abstract store at (reuploaded as soon as we find our pass as sellers vat nbr)

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.
>Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 France License.
SKLPL : music recorded & performed by SKLPL rec at K-Nibal Studios Toulouse Hardcore 2001-2002 - Ass'n'Dick : music performed and written by Ass'n'Dick recorded by Manu, Jules, Mat, Fred at MSC, death666 - Mat s Trip : music recorded and mixed by mat at death666, written by MT,live recorded at MSC by Nico - Dissiped : music & lyrics by Dissiped from album on PR - The Anti Beat : music recorded & mixed by Fred, Mat, Jules at deeath666, MSC & Freds, add l rec by Manu - Remix Contest winner Porch Cat winner of the remix context thru CCMixter - This tape and the music on stream is licenced by the artists owners of the copyright of the work for public broadcasting thru the internet- For more detailed info go to about MP3 SKLPL uses samples from sources described in this section - Broadcasted on the web by Death666 Records music publishing (BMI) Abstract Sound Corp music publishing (BMI) under Creative Commoms France 2.5 Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Umported - bandwith provided by DeathSixSixSix Records platform - broadband connection DSL requiredCreative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 France License.

About Music

contact and email us at>death666records at hotmail dot com or abstract sound recording corp c/o mat fizames

Videos Archives Section

but we have been busy in tape reshearch on faulty hard drive to extend the ten year comp to 5 free downlodable for free legally under CC licence disc 3,4 and 5 fplus the cpomplete ass n dick recordings with artwork included and text plus anti beat anthology since let s say may, june 2013, guess you ll be happy when it will be release for in stance we got mastering problems so much sources tapes, videos, rehearshall, md rec, other rec with no good freq so let s play it punk death let make it clean i dunno a split, a ten inch record, two seven inch plus two triple lp set are the goal of abdstrcat death for the five next year hang on and you migth find somethiung rare let s hope by the way we would like to thanks our sponsors despite that we haven t got a sponsor (even if you re the last man on earth (ssattato)

Ass n Dick The Anti Beat Schtern Petrifie on Tour 2009

The Anti Beat-Ass n Dick-Petrifie & Schtern DVD video filmed & edited by bill stone - courtesy of boomcoeur records 4:3 1.66:1 VM S/T © 2009 boumcoeur records under exclusive licence to death666records (p)2009 the anti beat ass n dick schtern petrifie< (thanks to bill stone for its telepathic sdesivity and well u rock!)

I guess that s my ten minutes edit of the whole DVD that you can find via Boomcoeur records - image is filmed by bill stone, edited by mat to fit the ten minutes of utube, makes a kind of funny cut up, but got the dvd its well longuer you c get it from boomcoeur, the anti beat and ass n dick are appearing courtesy of death666records but the video and sound belong to boomcoeur and is relea sed under exclusive licence to boomcoeur thanks to bill stone under a Crreative Commom licence by-na-fr 2,5

Big Image

Promo comp from abstract concrete

Get the new internet exclusive promotional release from abstract concrete out on 2CDs download Disc 1 here Download disc 2 here a new version being restaured to superior high quality mp3 with artwork for every file text and more will be upgraded soon as abstractdg01 promo pack revised 2013 edition downloadable near May,June 2013 and Download disc 3 herean additional stuff for passionate investigators of extended repertory of providers of our legal free content under CC licence i can t understand why we have been so targeted hacked fucked in every coincevable way for doing this giving away digital compils by hundred when we couldn t even sell a hundred physical copies what a hell let s roll tape action foreward tghey take as an open attack by us to put this on groove to direct until the end a total control anyone coiuldn t get but we do we invest in what is best and toward all who s going to loose we dont care if we loose mighty money because our goal is extended beyond conceivable cfoncrete bullshit you are stuck on you can t get any upper from that floor well if at least i could see my bedroom floor --- you miss the point every thing we do is politiocal to put free music ois political its like the mythology against who s fightin,g who the poor small label against the huge cold machinery of imprited remote control fashion babes robot we don t call em teenyboppers this days anyhoo i should re write a clear manifesto interested parties shpould contact us at int l time

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Quick Band Biography

The Anti Beat

Punk crust machine from Southern France their latest records on death666 shows a complex but very talented assembling of beatbox mechanics rythms with loud noise guitar, bass and vocals played against the speedcore rythms. Their albums shows a complex assembling of many influences from punk hardcore to the classic elecro beats, a symbiosis and perfection rarely heard in punk music since the hybrid melt down of The Anti Beat. Their great energy is captured on sound recordings from the first four tracks attack to polished studio sessions. The principle of beatbox with isnstruments gives a new breath to the style positioning in a new form of original musical creation


Punk rock band from Southern france as well composing music in the classic punk hardcore style adding various influences from death metal and other parrallel universe, showing a diversity in sound from the first recordings full of technical flaws to their latest recordings full of bright frequencies and high speed energy. First recordings made at their home with limited sound equipment capture a brutality in sound and a high level attack, the music filled like a puzzling hybrid of death metal and punk. The latest studio sessions gives to the band the perfect sound for immortality. They released for death666records three great albums with many parts listenable as stream and download.


abstract concrete artists influenced by psychedlic and experimental rock music from the 70's, composing ambient like textures in peaceful waves of calm evolving through hidden rythms and develloping like a flower bloom in springtime. Their catchy debut LP record has been produced year 2005 capturing on tape the band at its best in its compositions of modern alternative rock music and avant-guarde structures.


SKLPL is a techno artist from the real rave scene emerging since year 2K in flows of mooving air particles at great speed, creating music close to the root of electronic hardcore with a sense of humor and a very polished sound coming from a pentium computer and midi sequencer. His live attemps were always dramatic in the sense of disturbing sound samples and aggressive rythms but he still a total hippie as well.

Mat s Trip

New recording sessions for abstract concrete after many years spend to build and run death666records label, latest RIAA cut of his LP versions are out and downloadable as well, some as free cultural works. In his musical background many influences from the indie rock and the ambient music composed by Alien8 artists like im Hecker and Sonic Youth. Techno documents are a darker and more introspective side liberating fully with the ambient music rebirth with quiet waves of calm alternating with the fearless music of his early y2K

Death666records records on the go (2013-2014)

guess what we have some news from now on a 10 inch red with a kind of compilation with on side a punk and noise and metal hybrid on side b electronics melting with punk hardcore with two locked groove with one coutaining a sound loop that goes to infinity second project on death666 2 7inches including 24 tracks of ass n dick rip p^lus the anti beat with big hole in it (our distroibutors might be where we re connected since so many years and that laready support us as we do but at that timee it s time for meetings , artistric coordination, trracklisting, timings, mastering, pre prod, printing, cover artwork, typo of titling, where the label should be, will it be a standard as i hope with cc logo spinning well you see it s going to be deathlp01/,02 and three as abstract continue its cost effective ideas wiith triple LP output for 2014 but until then you ll got a live CD of outtakes recorded reel to reel 16 track then mixed afterwhile at abstract sound recorded on location in our homeland (you know when we were aired at france three south for three seconds including interview of our leader key keyboardist wearing a butcher apperance that was cool - and then people seem to like it hard to tell when you re playing fourty five minutes wo stop it s time to think did they enjoy it or not , this CD will be be painted in black with two logos compact disc and cc - it will first outtakes professionally processed CD, about the end of time that s another story as the track downloaded quite a whiole must be cut to fit on L so that s too bad, if you like to be a contributor to artistic reshearch for our future sampling plus thing (promoting in the same time our cc mixter data and sampling plus licence) to do a job concerning replaying our public doma in song with partitions probably edited by someone somewhere guess who see yaoh by thee way the slideshow nether deasseapper as to beleave our site has being t argeted in so many ways i m working out overtime to get it straight but i have to rewrite all the data and it seems endless as i have to come onto every single file to make an appearance by changing links and stuffdf css is really nice when someone is doing that for you, that the thing about running this - hey we ve been clearly targeted by my ECP ESP an hacker proving to the world that even death666 can be ruin ed so far we repair the streaming tape in white it works great in all tracks streams perfectly try it out it s at the top

New Realeases Schedule dates 2013-2014 for death666 and abstract

>As wanted by the organisers of more than a hundred dates in this poor desolated land we have this long time project of the compilo featuring all bands or many that hgave played over the years, wihich means 10 inch will be a little bit delayed, to come on double compact disc and digital release due to the number of band, some re recording wilkl take place soon or their demo to master which depend, the digitalo may come with more videos, mp3 and data, the compact disc willl countain data, the digital might take the form of a 4 compact disc ready to burn with cover and inner tray plus back, mp3 nHQ include some will be in FLAC if necessary, the sources a numerous of sound recording coming from all over the diy scene from south to north may be a real nice thing to try to master but it still remain a good project thought distorsions rurales want it so much and the LP ciould be a continuation of that with exclusive tracks indeedI think lately of releasing a 50 limited runs of tapes, and a 100 limited run of hand packaged serigraphed artworks with tray card glue anbending at 360 numerotated ion factory)

>on limited 500 red 10 inch on side A compilation of en year of death an anthology 1999 -2009 including on side a many bands that makes the label as it is today such as the anti beat, the rip ass n dick and their 24 tracks, some stuff from here and there maybe some guess, side b will feature more electronic treatment of what could be 'the very best of mlt anbd sklpl' except that we didn t even figure how to put two song of five minutes each one inbetween two metal atttack stroke and put locked groove with a specific hynotic sound, but melted well with the metal insert we don t lknow the form yet, artistic coordination is hard otmeke so farbecause of the distances anbd so oln so let s say may or june 2013 at last we can add one mlouth delay for shure but not from us it wiull be colmpleted dully soonner than you mightthink, because it will be mastered and because most of all i try to get the biggest cut for the artist instead of the nine or so distributors for a such limited poroject guess we ll have to make another version with extended things but in black this time, i knew this by phone they do accept creative commom despite the fact vthat we are gvt licenced by frx , sacem (iso3166), ascap, bmi and so on

>Anti Berat, the four tracks atttack band, death is ready to produce a 7 inch with anything they want made they take this risk we ll see and wait carte blanche fro spinning , graphixs, texts, colors, packaging anything costless ideas as they knew what we still running for all this time

>exactly the same concept from remain hardcoire history oif true rebel warrrtioors toward the so called scene let them carte blanche on two side of 7 inch

>the more cost effective project in the history of abstract the original 2007 project of spoken word, wordcore but only coming from outtakes (mine is beling delayed because i could n t find a prop=er) here is the last struff oouttakes left written this could be their lkast album i guess (but the trouble will be in filling all the declaration, how a cc lkogo spinning could be nice

>the more cost effective triple LP or simple for fuck sake of MT solo outputs with many aids from electric gear all around, pooutboards effects , amps, mikes position and so oin, recording the rain, no looping or oiverdub, one single take rec, that was the rulesd at that time came from more than 8 hours on the clock those two 'cool' pieces evoliving slowly mooving forward and backwards inwards, like waves coming toward an cdliving in the realituy of hard raining that last the whole song the problem is that it is extrem¨e lenght and the ovverrall pricfe to master might take a day or two so let s hope for it

>in CD Outtakes first output under their name Patience (that they might fully restaure and make it availab le as ful album download abstractDG05/CD005) and it could be cool mp3 and FLAC versions should be available for free under legal download licenced by CCwill be re issued as original 20005 version >abstractDG05/CD005 Outtakes - Patience (2005 full album) download here just before the vynil excellent quality mastering and engineers (released as CD just before the LPs at low cost 5 euros series

>Outtakes liove effort on January 2005 at la halle atvilleuf (12) which was on the tour one of the most cooll date because of people ther because i wasn t sick for once (i got this headache at a show it was like my head was going to explode and i couldn t see my eyes were blurred) anyway we might mastering professsionally the live CD of that time to include in the LP with serigraphed insert then l:imited run of 1000 in real CD packaged hand glue/factory numbered 1 to 100 and 50 promo (so this is our august/september project) We had hgreayt deal to make it as the future accompaning 7 in ch that overpass of 21 seconds the factory timings for releasing 7 inch in 333 rpm anyway hang on vote for peace and we ll see youis oon, our stores in toulouse mioght be sligtly re approvisionned since the time (4 years) it s always 2/3 copies, the mediatheque aven t yet the physical and digital release of 'local' bands anyway stay the day well my diary is at openD dot com for more you talk too much, inside out, That might be a limited 50 tape run as well in association with IB label but pressed at GZ (it s quite cheap as a matter of fact and they do small qty so) so four formats : digital, LP, CD audio, audio tape, missing the DVD audio thought it could be cool ambient on four seperate channels but no one has a home cinema yeat so it s worthless work at this time present but in the future it could be ,nice

>Art of Skalping will be reissued with new additions and computer data - still downloadable in 2 versions indeed >Download latest version Complete Ass n Dick Disc A download here

>Also some more recent output will be done the same, we will never made thee ten year CD already 300 copies must spin in n some players DSXDG02 is revised restaured oin a sense tracklisting different and more art inbdeed

>more digital outputs, and re release of long out of print CDs at our 3 50 series but with artwork and plastic bag 250g folded cxardboard with insert such as dsxcd004 / 007 / and so on (nott 09 /11/ and 14)

>the 2006 staring mastering sessions haven t been finished yet i guess a quarter hour has been done allr eferences voulmes eqs and all just are irreadable as ususal and i cannort finish it by myself but i will try some amphetamines might help i hope or praying jesus or do zen stuff like that, i don t like to expose myself so much so dsxcd13 will be at top i hope wo false amplause indeed, true panic went it blew out, i have all to reboot a shame, but it was nice slam over the computer and all the nice stuff yoyu couldn t find anywhere else i guess it s not to late it s just too bad, any way it will be restaured issued digitally and on print sometimes this year near june jully 2013

>Long out of print recordings such as the art of skalping in physical red 250g folded with stickers on CD, also Ultra Noisy Mixdown on 250g cardboard folded, as well physical copies for DSXDG04 in print with full artwork, card and presentation of the bands in a audio compact disc/data compact disc configuration, old rastapopoulos with newly found remastered cassette as bonus MP3 plus FC rec at Agen w/ new artwork (Camille if you read this please call me) it s been out of print since 2002 for thsi project and it sounds great for this time, dsx14 sounds fine abstractDG05 too that s incredible how i can master fine on amphetam¨ine w/ headphones & monitoring that s sweet ASR narcotics inc (that could be a good way of financing no joke ;-:) ffs wtf lol fiy don t f--k w/ us we predict in a sense the fall of DHR because after the 2002 there was no rave and most of all no more scene of gabber old school h.c. etc that s were death666 get stuck w/ releasing extreme techno and harsh noise ut was 'off the beat or off the loop) when ass n dick came that was great - same thing fopr camille and cyril, the local scene at that time was doomed by vynil project and plays a lot, and were sounding good, the problem is that sometimes i don t give opinions because anyway-+---and are for abel lmike D Trash that gives away the music incredible how 'enough is enough' reminds me our first digital release with vinz, samples spinning overtime of so called pop music that was it, the indedepenance force of underground resistance, as is 'tooloose punkers' for touloouse not associated in any way w/ death if you mazy ask but could be eventually, then techno like songs after it gets more or less 'restricted' musically, there was no raves, or if so everybody was 'arrested' or at least take for organizing, shits like that iremember telling the most precise way the countain of my car at a rave, 2 gts, 2 PCs, 2 mics, stand ups, fx, exempting the back ashtray and the melted pot in it we were so depressed we got stoned immidiatly and sayh fuck off, but we record the song some stuff on UNM aka ultra noisy mixdown have been recorded live but is not mentionned, poor guys--- but i can t listen to some of my music truly i don t spend time listenning to this i like what others do, including some of my stuff sorry for disc4 or 5 that countains only 2002-2003 style rave techno documents the sales goes dramatically down except for harsh noise, diff projects abstract etc than came the ID to produce metal crust punk stoner machine with two local scene prodigy and it goes great well i stop, hope you ll download quite a lot but don t worry the physical handmade copies are numbered limited run of 50 for each album which lead us to 200 physical copies to print, fold, glue, cut in order please sell this will be our 3 50 series (including booklet and stickers)

>for LP on 33 rpm 45 rpm 10 12 7 inches spinning will be so cosqt effective that it won t be out until 2014 sorry but send the money directly to us and can make a deal no i m joking we ll made it we are a huge consortium smaller than you might think of like an ant on a huge network well i stop

>We do now accept demo release since policy revisions lately and yes we do usually we listen to all o f them we received throught the years wezre dsitorsions rurales were in full weekly concert organisation and all the band that hoped for some support well it just happened that we re ready to re record the tapes and make we hope great albums in various styles, sometimes, most of the time we wrote back 'constructive' opinions if it s what you re looking for, we hope but we can produce you all, we ll love to but you know it might happen someday as we still in the compact disc format , DIY cutter glue and a pair of hands, sometimes it happens also that a special project will hit us more than another and give us the envy to work with the bands involved in serious project approach, recording is low cost as we are independent on this point, packaging is low cost as we digipack ourselves, so the disc might be sucessful we hope, we work more lately on the maintenance of the website fucked over and out and on our beloved DG digital release that works pretty well so far, not yet fully mastered, we expect the issue of DSXDG02B and DSXDG03 before this summer as it is almost done

>so well as well concentrate on more free downloads of full albums, digitalo release vas we call it, but beleave it or not, it s one of our most successfull way of distribution to date, and by ourselves, diy is not so dead yet, neither is punk, neither s rock well maybe a little but that s a matter of opion - just to remain that the downloads are legal because the artists have given their agreement under a CC licence by-na-sy frx 2 dot 5 so more to come soon

More news from abstract/concrete and death666rec (2009)

New free full albums downloads in FLAC & MP3

>FLAC comes to death666, FLAC Loseless Audio come to smash up the death website soon with the following albums in packages to download Outtakes live 2005>Download Outtakes 2005 live in FLAC, The Anti Beat 2006 and> download Anti Beat 2009 split album in FLAC loseless audio plus many other smashing goodies to come on FLAC loseless audio will come in ZIP packages, under a Creative Commom licence all super sounding © 2006,2009 the anti beat and it is really fucking amazing sound quality a lot more better than MP3 your ears won t beleave it !!! stay tuned >Download right the fuck now the 2009 Split CD with The Anti Beat and Doormouse in MP3 From the death666archives exclusive Outtakes 2004 live set at akortribal expo live remastered and encoded to FLAC for free download> download Outtakes 2004 live at akortribal expo feat. add l drumer and recorded 2 tape during the art exhibition exclusive FLAC download from death archives & as well classic digital release MT The End of Time on abstract/concrete records>Download Mat s Trip abstract concrete recording The End Of Time (full lenght) MP3


A new compilation for 10 years of hardcore

> Death666 Blogspot free exclusive downloads packages of the new 2008 2 discs compil feat. The Anti Beat Ass n Dick SKLPL Mat's Trip and more. >Download Disc1 here>Download Disc 2 here free downloads of the 2009 anniversary compil feat old and new songs of 10 years of hardcore, the whole sound history of death666records. This anthology will be issued on CD & already available for free on full download countaining elements in sound from the whole ten years of metalic explosion and vast sound design at first in electronics with sampling and then with heavy punk crust, the compilation issued in Compact Disc will be the first of the catalog to be issued under Sampling Plus licence and will be one of the first CD that can be duplicated and uploaded to web as it is the case with the currents track. the compact disc will be inspired by the tape volume 1-6 that had been published on this website. In this special occasion > a special download package of 2008 comp is here and we have as well > a free download of ass n dick second album the art of skalping plus 6 bonus tracks, you can download the full compil too go take a tour at death666 blogspothas been created with 3 albums to download in full in MP3 for free. The compilation will include as well many unreleased tracks from the Anti Beat, ass n Dick, Mat's Trip, SKLPL and will be on glorious 12 pages black and white booklet deluxe edition CD. To follow a death666records production of a one sided LP and further 45rpm


Outtakes new and sound video available as free downloads

Experimental film author from seeden, Leo Tsouo has released for Outtakes a superb static art film for Electricity Pole a song that features on their 2006 debut LP album, this video comes a s a >DivX download in 16/9 and in great quality, the sound is revised and the images so static and so special are gorgeous with this film including shots of trees turning likein a ether highly dosed sequence. For the rest go at Media Archives, the new section of the website hosted by death666 for abstract/concrete artists gets more visibilty more internet pages and clean space with different background and arrangement


Mat's Trip Triple dubplate LP on full MP3 download for free

The great ambient sequel of The End of Time plus A Free Peace of Sky and Sky Piece has come in 3x CD and 3xdubplate LP 12inch that can be almost entirely >get downloaded for a chosen amount or even for free in the Media Archives section, subliminal frequencies and lenghty extatic sky reaching songs and melody had been greatly commited to LP record in Berlin by Dubplates and Mastering and the MP3 are offered in great audio quality >get Side A of A Free Peace Of Sky >get Side B of A Free Peace Of Sky >get Side C of Sky Piece and >Side D of Sky Piece plus >Side 5 of The End Of Time in full lenght version (approx 47 minutes)(in high quality up to 224Kbps-48KHz 2 Channel audio) , many thanks to Dubplates and Mastering at Berlin (engineers : Frederic Schafer, Rashad Becker)on the Media section of the website fully consacred to abstract concrete artists with Outtakes where you can get secretly >full lenght recordings of >unreleased song, the limited 500 copies is still available at our store with forthcoming DVD


New music will be available using AC3 compression and Dolby Digital or FLAC standards

Brand new recordings in FLAC >Outtakes Side A of 33rpm LP Mat s Trip >Sky Piece Side A and >Side B in FLAC We will release furthe rmusic from abstract concrete artists such as Mat's Trip the End Of Time, The Last Song and other works in FLAC lossless format with bigger files to download but better sound, for instance we have very few recordings using FLAC such as Outtakes live newly encoded, to come all the abstract concrete release,> archive live from outtakes in 2004(FLAC encoded) with a drummer and as well new digital co-release by Anti Beat with Doormouse, to come very soon unreleased LP version of The End of Time Side A & Side B, plus double LP by MT, and as well Side A of Outtakes 33rpm self titled album. As well we are willing to experiment sound mixed in Dolby Digital for four speakers in 7.1 or 5.1 to expand our soundscapes to new technical horizons. This project to experiment sound recordings in the AC3 sound format will be possible if we mix sound files using the Dolby Digital 7.1 t-echniques but the files might be very large, larger than FLAC who didn t compress the sound and must be played on a home theatre equipment. So at this time we are compiling new FLAC into ZIP, the whole Outtakes LP + CD versions of Free Peace will be release later this August 2009. About AC3, this sound format with multi channel audio and release the disc as DVD audio and audio download surely in WAV files 32 bits - 96kHz or in 5 channel AC3 files all files are big to download (250 Mo per file) but this is really full sound quality for special abstractt recordings to be uplaoded this way, for example here is a FLAC file to> download the Outtakes 2005 live is a live recording by Outtakes recorded 2005 in Villefranche, to come some sound in FLAC and AC3 and HQ surround files soon. See as well our new links concerning audio and music production plus artists myspaces that we love plus additional links


Outtakes live recording full time 40 minutes original MD sound rec available for free on MP3 download plus unreleased 33 LP 12 inch Side C

The download section has always been a must in the death website and here at least you will be able to listen to the> original Mini Disc recording made at VDR inSouthern france of the integrality of the concert sound coming from sound board 16 tracks, original sound file mastered and transfered then at abstract sound by mat. Sterling Sound will maybe work with us on a full time project, we would like to thank Dubplates and Mastering who might reissued the mastered material for our MP3 section wow ! Plus get the> unreleased Side 3 of the latest 2006 LP recording


If you would like to support alternative music and for us to keep giving away all the albums for free in MP3/FLAC you are invited to make a donation of the value you want at Paypal

News from death666records and abstract concrete (2009)

Many more MP3 music to download for free

Big Image

Come on the brand new split CD by The Anti Beat and Doormouse can be downloaded in MP3 and FLAC the new codec with better quality Download the split CD Anti Beat Doormouse in MP3 you can play FLAC in Winamp, Jet Audio and more programms Download the split CD The Anti Beat Doormouse in FLAC loseless audio much more to download as well the full 2006 live of Outtakes had been released in FLAC you can download the 2006 Outtakes live in FLAC More sound to come in this format the 2006 album by The Anti Beat both in MP3/FLAC, MT The End of Time and much more sound to come pretty soon. FLAC is a new sound format which overpass the MP3 in term of quality so naturally the files are much more large to download 200Mo for the Outtakes live 75Mo for the anti beat CD Much more sound to come in FLAC very soon stay tuned to radio hardcoreRare sound from abstract concrete and death666 artist will be out in full free high digital sound MP3 (and soon FLAC) music download with integral live tape from Outtakes (2005) download here plus as well full stream player with 25 titles compilation volume 5 forthcoming volume 6 with extra rare tracks are on its way. Mat's Trip triple Lp release available for full album download (vynil version) 3xLP in MP3 The End Of Time download here and as well A Free Peace Of Sky and more on Media Archives and as well recently released by ourselves the video from foreign art film director leo tsouo and the 16/9 video of outtakes works now available in DivX movie on MediaFire, this is outtakes music from LP and special static side B, Electricity Pole /SeptemberWaves can be available as sound download as well


Big Image

MP3 compil for the 10 years of the label (1999-2009) extended in 2013

You have been over 2,000 files (full albums for free, who can compete with free)downloaded sine the last three years in various MP3 music since ( I speak only of full track download thanks to all of you that s grea) the 1 400th visitors has been passed August 2008 - The death666records label goes 10 years this year 2009, in honor of this special occasion, a compact Disc with a 12 pages booklet will come printed on recycled paper with all of the artists song that made the history of the label, with unreleased tracks by SKLPL, Mat's Trip, The Anti Beat, Ass n Dick the CD will be titled 10 years of hardcore, an antholgy 1999-2009.On this special occasion we offer for free in MP3 files in a .ZIP the second Ass n Dick album the art of skalping plus 6 bonus tracks, and of course the full lenght free download 2xCD/MP3 compilation which countains many hours of recordings (some unreleased) from SKLPL, The Anti Beat, Ass n Dick. This is a double CD and the second half of the compil can be downloaded here Enjoy this noise hardcore punk grindcore and live guitar played and recorded louder than you think plus screamed data all along the noisy sauce along the way. The compilation will be out June, 6th 2009 on 2xCD with 12 pages booklet in deluxe hand made packaging red cardstock printed in black with a full 12 pages booklet with photography and credits printed on 100 percent white recycled paper including photographs from the wonderful book made by Thunder Mouth Press Anarchy, Protest and Rebellion a photography book by Fred McDarrah who shows the incredible protest during the 60s featuring the Chicago Convetion, excellent photographs of police brutality, snippers from police squad, gaz masks, tear gaz launching, beating up of journalists from the new york times and also many photographs ogf the majors artists from the 60s (which will not feature in thne booklet but are in this great book)Andi Warhol, Bob Dylan, John Baez portraits of all the great protest and rebels like Abbie Hoffman Fuck the System a book that I warmly recommed to all of our readers. The compilation album is already available on free download on this website in MP3, full deluxe CD with stickers and special bonus material (video and MP3 and more) CD2 bonus material will work on either PC or Mac,At this time we organise a special promotion you can download three .ZIP files with the MP3 of the first draft of the compil.All the music is protected by international copyrights laws under a Creative Commom licence France 2.0 pas de modification - paternitÚ- pas d utilisation commerciale

A special note to our French internet viewers, the internet broadcasting, downloading on our website is 100 percent legal in the sense that we (the artists) give the permission to download our titles, for example The Anti Beat new CD is © by The Anti Beat, the band gives us a sigtned permission to broadcvast the music on their internet pages plus download both albums But there is some restrictions to this licence, you can digitally copy download the songs, but tthe songs keep belonging to the artists you cannot made commercial use, you must aknowledge the people of the original arists for more info connect to Creative Commom. So no fear download as much as you want on our site, there are no restrictions here (add explanation from the french viewer and the appeal made by the sacem toward the artist in two thousands six that we don t siogn and most of all take as dangerous because of the mighty power of majors and major indie so callled record company, Paypall mmight work as we 've been filed under non profit organisation (unable to provide the VAT exempt) we jump to the category 'music industry' who hurt us more than wee can say at least we have a VAT number as all associative label or is it the pseudo label, arrangement have been made to buy more glue, cutters and running prints partially printed in serigraphic or other techniqyes and almost 32 page booklet for the dsxcd666-22 and 23 tell you more (scheduled june,26th 2013)

Web Directory

Media Archives

Big Image

We launched a concept of MP3 album to allow our abstract tunes to be listened by the internet public. It's such a great thing for independant music producer to offer some songs over the world wide web. On this occasion we extend our website to many kind of additional blogs where songs and news are posted and upgraded regularly. For instance downloads seems successful and encourage us to pursue the MP3 album concept. We opened as well a forum to express views about this. Very soon brand new titles on this format will be add from abstract/concrete artists. For instance you can check recent updates on our MP3 RSS Feed and in the Media Archives

Colaboration with musicians

Big Image

We are still interested in working with musicians and artists around the globe through the internet, the remix project has worked well, this concept is killer, we will give away our precious samples on the CC mixter and propose additional links on music production on the website if you are interested in working on the next project write to us at timepeace6 at gmail dot com. So we will launch an assembling of styles throught this 6 tracks audio CD compilation (it will also be a CD/MP3 release) For instance MT wants to buy a new drum kit for a special noise project and will participate in this compil with the so awaited project of remixing SKLPL. We launched recently an experimental project including the possibility for electronic musicians on the web to create remix of our tunes, this mp3 remix contest had been made available with the support of Creative Commom licences. You can find full explanation on our Wordpress blog. You can download our samples kit out on CCMixter tool where you can easily with open source software that we have listed in our internet links to create remix and then send it back to us. We will release in CD/MP3 a compilation of those collaborations. Many tools can be useful to work at distance. Listen to one remix here

Get Outtakes 33.3rpm LP limited edition (to be added with add l compact disc sept 2013) more infos latter

Big Image

Get Outtakes debut LP auto produced release vynil LP in 33rpm deluxe packaging for special mid price 13.70 euros plus shipping from FR and in 180g virgin vynil DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) pressing in EU. As well get unreleased Side C and Side B as well as full live recording from 2005 (thanks to akortribal) recorded on 16 tracks mobile unity with pro MD and mixed after at abstract sound and masterized in Canada by a great engineer, this limited to 500 pieces edition

A note to the people who don t want to order via the internet because they will be robbed by pirates hacker and most of all death666 enterprises, well all of the transactions are made by Paypal a website internationally known to be secure, fast, and the transaction is totally secure look out for the icon with the locker or in Mozilla firefow look up the blue or green print on the logo click on it and see the certificate . We only got only few hundreds of copies so be quickfor example if you have a Paypal account you don t need to type the credit card number and it the number will never appear

By buying this disc with Paypal we can assure you security and very fast shipping, the prices are special and entitles you to MP3 promotion and upload of music plus additional surprises. You can listen to part of the album (side B) and get the unreleased Side' C. (as it was supposed to be a triple with one sided vynil) on Media right here

Download Outtakes video on DivX

Big Image

Get film of 17 minutes from director Leo Tsouo, filmed in Norway, the image beautifully catches the static of the image and beyond the film brings a static experimental art video approach to the song from 06's debut LP album. A 10 inch or 7 inch in 45rpm will be released soon by ASR

Video copyright as below, you can download the DivX video right there with MediaFire. With many thanks to Leo for his kindness and for taking time to shoot the film in 2005. The DVD will be soon available in the media archives store with full videos and many bonus

You can right now orer with Paypal one copy of Outtakes DVD directed by Leo Tsou "visuals-outtales" at special price 13.70 euros post paid plus post with music by Outtakes from the debut self titled 2006 12 inch LP

Creative Commons License
Electricity Pole / September Waves by Leo Tsuou/Outtakes/ASR Corp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 France License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

>MP3 Music Albums :

ImageVarious Artists - Compilation
Available exclusively from the new Disc 1 download (90Mo) and Disc Two download(55 Mo).

ImageMat's Trip - A Free Peace of Sky
Find complete download of this album in MP3 file high quality, this album follows the ambient recordings out on abstract/concrete, deep listening, hypnotic, catchy songs. Re-issue of the Cds in double LP edition available for download under CC licences and featuring different tracklistings and timing then the original CD sound recordings. Four sides available on download, the CD is sold out on its limited edition printed on recycled paper

ImageAss n Dick - The Art Of Skalping
Previously available on nicely packaged red and black handmade CD cover Ass n Dick 2nd feature The Art Of Skalping was a home recording project taking place and action at MSC later mixed with Fred and the band at death666 the Cd was originally issued in 2005, for the ten years we offer this CD on free download with 6 additional bonus tracks, live low fi recording, outtakes, pre production recordings session before Black Penitence, some are really low fi but we think the fan will appreciate, includes Live at Son de l'innocence in Mauntauban and many more + 6 bonus tracks

Related Recordings:

ImageMat's Trip - The End Of Time
more than 120 minutes of music on this double compact disc issued in 2007 with special equalisation, some songs are recorded in special sound configuration, live recording, one take principle, fully dubbed live and processed through many machines (guitar f.x. pedals, studios machines, reverbs...) in this extreme lenghty songs for this epic release recorded at Abstract Soundscapes Studios showing slow process of construction in a ambient field, vast compositions available as 3xLP/2xCD/MP3 or in free download at Media Archives Download The end Of Time LP full 40 minutes track. Impressive ambient sequel with special equalisation and low mastering with dynamic discharges, music for dreaming, for sleeping, masterpieces, long (in time)with 8-tracks signal output with one single instrument mutiplicating as many guitars dubbed live, recording of rain and wind on double CD set (sold out!!! but available in full as MP3)

ImageMat's Trip E book released
First epic fiction writting about a technology takeover in a so called civilized world, a crude violent essay about a doomed future available here on Text/Art section. This text countains often offensive and provocative language with a lot of fuck word and dirty scenes, just keep your childrens away from this trash. You are invited to discuss the subject and the content of this book on our now deceised internet forum. The final volume of the trilogy is scheduled for 2009 with a final explosion and maybe a linear happy end to this complicated plot with multinational alien conspiracis and many other paranoid things with a great LSD daydreaming and the awaiting for a new drug . Those E book may be printed on real paper if it happens you will know and you will get one you will get one you will get one

ImageTour Journals
Browse Concert Archives in our Text section with complete Tour Journals written by Mat about Outtakes show while touring in 2005-2006 to be completed soon with more liner notes. You can get here current informations about shows.And this is our show archive in this special text section. This is a new integrated blog about musical content in the form of text writting to be updated soon with nice pictures and even more text than the usual. Artists of the label are invited to write about what they feel about their music.

ImageVideos on YouTube
Videos from Outtakes in a performance recorded to tape on 2005, Leo's Art videos for Outttakes and with Outtakes music from LP, experimental art video like contemporary conceptual art, the texture of the video is awesome, get one on you tube, and the two for downloads, from the DVD visuals_outtakes plus Mat's Trip videos from Days Of Self Destruction MasterTapes 2003and Ass'n'Dick video live put down on YouTube. You can watch videos here on Media Archives. More video edited cool media to be added soon.> Here is the link to UStream TV an internet TV.Here is the DivX Download DivX video here of the video driected by Leo tsouo from DVD visuals_outtakes - music © outtakes from 2006 12inch album an additional video has been posted too on YouTube

Creative Commons License
This music free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License. Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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Support Indie Music and independant noise producer, for the MP3 that we offer on this website you can donate at Paypal

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  1. abstract sound rec 1 minute ago

    Hi everyone

    A new fancy place to announce currents events regarding death666 records and abstract sound, the new productions, the rojects and all the news come in this fancy CSS Web2 design, wel click on and be updated to all news, a compil will come to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label which evolve from basic technio hardcore and experimental nois productions to metal and crust. The CD will come inspired by the previous volume of the streamtape (we store our files and broadcast them in full stereo quality,n legalize themm with CC licences, and entertain pages with ascap and sesac rights. So the most imortant is to have fun while browsing the website, find hardcore and the antidote sleeping pills music from abstract concrete new links came to more mYSpace from artist we deplu and unnanimously appreciate. Well ride on. About the questionnaire oif you fill out you might receive vynil LPs for free and other goodies by mail, updates and letters, no spam more free stuffs !

  2. mat's trip 2 minutes ago

    A triple LP output is available on digital download for free on the Media section of this website be sure to check this out for your portable mp3 player or your computer digital data files, all downloads are provided in great audio quality

  3. outtakes: 1 day ago

    Full time feature of live recording available on audio on the Media section of this website a 40 minutes live recording available in stero 2 channel with great audio quality 224Kbps 48kHz fresh new sound for your ears in full lenght recording

  4. matstrip: 2 days ago

    All triple output the End Of Time the last song plus A Free Peace of Sky and Sky Peace had been released in digital download available for free on the Media section be sure to check this out, all the tracks are presented in full lenght recording (Side A to D) and as well 40 minutes & 57 minutes song in great audio quality.

  5. death666rds: 3 days ago

    A new compilation output on CD will be released very soon by death666 including alternance of techno rock and techno hardcore for all the artists from the label this output will come to celebrate the ten years of the label presented in black printed inkjet cardstock and full 12-track compilation

  6. theantibeat: 5 days ago

    A new album had been recorded lately at Fred's house with great portable studio gear and will be released this time by death666 for sure, as well LP and 45 projects are on the air, new downloads will come to you soon. Check out their MySpace

  7. death666: 6 days ago

    A great collection of links had been added to ease the remix contest where we have one excellent song that will be featured on the compil, audio production tools and more check out the blogs Internet links

  8. abstractsound: 7 days ago

    New RSS feeds and download and a great Google Map to follow the artists in their crazy live tours both new features provided by Web Designer Wall, CSS design and pattern, Web 2.0 compliance standard and maybe a 56k french version

  9. abstractsoundrec: 8 days ago

    New sound format such as FLAC appears, a format that don't compress audio, in our experiment to deliver music throught the internet and despite the current flow about digital downloads on the net, we will experiment wav files and flac audio more mp3 and of coourse better sound and audio quality as it been the case with the MP3 (320kBps/48kHz audio) More news from uncompressed audio world to come soon encoded up to 224kbps

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