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Outtakes videos

Directed by foreign art director experimental video and design Leo tsouo a french immigrant to Norway and the northern lights sends out beatiful videos available as well as a DVD provided by Abstract Sound with Leo's own visuals for outtakes, a collections of films commisioned by the band and produced by Leo's experimental views of modern art world, textures of experimental videos and art objects. More feedback and new videos soon watch out this one this is a good one. You can download another DivX video right there The collaboration then formed between artists in long distance calls via mainly the internet to communicate ideas and plain old postage, the idea remains a long distance artistic collaborative project more in the form of a collective where leo was a full time member of the band in some sort through images manipulation and ultra experimental art et essai cinematic resherach here the format is conserved in original 4/3, the DivX is compressed in 16/9 with both revised audio in 48kHz get the DivX download of Electricity Pole (FR/NV - 16/9 - 1.85:1 - 16min 56sec - directed by leo Tsouo - music from outtakes 'B-side MP3 download full lenght (17.57)) from debut 2006 LP album self titled on 180g virgin vynil limited 500 - Get the DivX free player here

Creative Commons License
Elegy for the sacred butterfly by Leo Tsouo (video and visuals) witth Outtakes (music and sound design) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 France License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

More performances by Outtakes had been commited to film transfert by ASR, specially those two wonderful works of art by Leo, unfortunately it's been hard to put the second tape on stream because of the timing of the song/video (17.57) so the video is only available on DivX download, get DivX player free for your computer. In honor of the ten years of death666 a special collection of diital downloads from the first albums issued in 2000 is avilable here as a special MP3 promotion, and as well new links here

Shoted year 2004 during performance in art exhibition in southern France, Outtakes here performs improvisational soundscapes, melodical instants and a heavy harmonic feel. Waves of quiet and long reverberations.

The band perform here in a quartet composition with at that time a drummer added to the latest core of Outtakes in 2006 while they were issuing their first LP album.

The video is presented here in 2.21:1 near scope format with restored sound and image. Tose videos are under licence from Creative Commoms

Mat's Trip Videos

Video shot March 26th 2008 on a rainy afternoon, this video features Mat playing his solo guitar project with less effects than the usual and always some improvisation fields made live on internet. This video had been shot three times so there is other takes available on UStream internet TV. The sound is pretty good and a little bit saturated but this is okay definitively better than without sound as it had been the case with some silent videos. Technically no failure this times so it allows to shot many times the same improvised song and to take the time to broadcast properly. This video had been shot in the small abstract soundscapes recording home studio space. There will be more internet sessions soon on USTream TV you can view the channel right here , more live sessions to come with improvisations made at night in the spirit of the ambient recordings sessions and more mp3 to come as well. More super sounding videos to come too.

Video shot year 2003 for the album days of self destruction, a unpleasant content of white noise and electronics that leads to a concept of alteration in sound process and as well in music composing.

This album close the electronic noise circle finishing with live albums and remix album ritual. The previous concept of explored form of art therapy and expression of suffocating society and hardcore treatment of human data throught huge machinery of sadness.

Those videos remain interesting in the detail and the edit which is really spectacular with low tec images and altered shots of cheap videos. The content is presented in 1.85:1 and in 1.66:1 for the music video of The Death Inside Of Me which have a certain sense of humor with destroy LPs as it was the case years later with the outtakes albums (thanks!)

The concept in the music have evoluated since showing more tenderness and a more insensitive feeling that in the previous works maybe the result of real hard time on technology planet and give this impression of altered human shape through modern technology.

The content of those videos is under a licence from Creative Commoms

Special recordings had been made as live internet sessions in you stream, it was kind of strange and exciting to feel a digital audience watching the songs instantly composed for this occasion the video remains very strange too with sial teinture of images in the digital webcam on a website where usually you see people sit in front of the cam and speak, here there were an artistic intention, not like in the radio host show, with experimental image and frame, a full complete collection works here

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