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Ass n Dick On Tour (live in eastern europe)

video filmed & edited by bill stone © 2009 boumcoeur records under exclusive licence to death666 - all filmed & edited by bill except part 4 edited by mat in 10 minutes from the anti beat/schtern/petrifie/ass n dick DVD available on paypal from boomcoeur all music by the anti beat, schtern, the ass n dick, petrifie (in 5 parts) you tube doesn t allow videos up to 10 min & we hope to put the full 100 min DVD soon courtesy of bill stone & boumcoeur records

and if you are into statistics we hit 600 downloads of full albums on MP3/FLAC thru the website, thanks to our listeners

Ass n Dick Live

video filmed at la vielle vallette during Ass n Dick concert year 2006 - thx to Davy

Mat s Trip Days Of Self Destruction Master Tapes

lost video tape #1videos filmed with low fi webcam edited with adobe premiere with sound and music by Mat s Trip from 2003 album DOSD (days of self destruction)

lost video tape #2 death666 records mini doc filmed by Mat s Trip at death666 studios includes music made by SKLPL, Mat s Trip, MV Noizetek - sessions filmed year 2003 edited by Mat

Outtakes Videos Live 2004

filmed at Akortribal s 2004 exposition at la Halle - performance shot by artist unknow edited by mat year 2008 - features music performed by outtakes (at this time) david drums, igor:keys, mat: gtr, vinz:gtr (2005)

Outtakes Vynil LP Experimental videos

directed by Leo Tsouo - music by outtakes from their self released LP - electricity pole is Side B of the recording - video filmed edited by leo - artwortk and sounds and video made available under a Creative Commom licence - see outtakes visuals DVD

Death666Records audio digital free downloads from the archives

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get the 2009 death666 compil in MP3

download disc one here and download disc 2 here

features music byThe Anti Beat, ass n Dick, SKLPL, Mats Trip, MV Noizetek and The Dead Hippie Sound covering death666 from 1999 to 2009 with first self released CD R and first hand made packaging al the sound is from the original mastertapes some recorded at toulouse during year 200 and 2001, some recorded later with different artists, the tracks from te beguining noted as unknown are tapes with MV Noizetek in first grindcore death electro trash essay, other songs are recorded by the Anti Beat and Ass n Dick - others recorded by mat - a compil made year 2009 with two ZIP files with MP3 of 320kbs to 160kbps - to come also a abstract concrete compilation with more ambient tracks

Death666Records re-release all the first CD albums from the catalog in full lenght one track MP3, such as speedcore album MT destroy, MT remix MT, JL Costes remix, MV Noizetek Systeme de Son say no to pigs, screamed, funny dance remix of ace of base titled ace of crap, thanks to the neightboor at this time all of this was recorded louder than you think with 3-track GMR stanton DeeJay table adapted for the occasion on double Pentium PC (cool at this time) that send full blast frequencies, the self recorded tape with a big and huge Laney amp (where occasionnaly MV took bongs on it to feel the SYR 2 bass underneath their feets and asses (moove your ass on big acid core) all MP3 will come with full color cover album additional PDF documents such as artwork made at this time for special rave parties for the first day of the millenium, this big subliminal shit hit me and on my case I return to something old like vynil LP and I listen only to this sound support at this time

Here is a list from the title that would be available in MP3 and further FLAC (but when you see how badly it was recorded here digital audio doesn't need big compression like MySpace and not like the absytract sound design which is much more evolved) So the compression will be 112kbps not much and don't worry your speaker won't burst in a stereo explosion, in 2002 we remaster all the title because the master volume was always in the red, pushing the distorsion always too far, the sauce consisted on screamed data, loud guitar noise played all over big rythms made with HammerHead rythm station and sometimes more evlved Cakewalk Pro Audio and/or Digital Orchestraor wher we cut and paste little sound bits, programms the fades in the more evolved peak album "One Year of death666" released in 2001, now we are going to be 10, thanks to the bands such as Ass n Dick and The Anti Beat who dinamysed enormously the label and give a chance to make something in commom laucnh the DIY in the place record with cassette 4 track (which is excellent and cool gear) and then mix it up at death666 studios were there waés some dirt on the floor because of the rain but the human warm was very high and we feel that something was going on, on a radio broadcast Loulou from Ass n Dick quote MT as the mentor of the band and somewhere else on the road MT got an instant erection followed by a surprise one second, anyway this is cool to re relase this all, thanks again to Ass n Dick the Mauriac Sound City Community where we record in part the LP (the lack of production can be heard sometimes,) but lately those bands will issue CD, and as soon as it is possible death666 will help release Anti Beat and/or Ass n Dick one sided LP in 45 rpm

Here is a collection of the material that will be available as MP3 audio soon

The songs are not complete but soon as we upload with 320Kbps MP3 in High Quality, more speedcore to come via MediaFire

  • MV Noizetek - MV Noizetek Single EP (2000) 5 titles
  • MV Noizetek w/ The Dead Hippie Sound - One Year of Death666 (2001) 4 Sides 11 titles
  • Mat's Trip - Destroy (2000) 9 titles w/ camille on drums on "noisecrunchspeedcorerythms"

All music released under a Creative Commom licence france 2.5 Imported Non Commercial Share Alike Attribution - from the originally CD-R out on death666records. for the ten years of the label death666 re release those 3 records in digital format for free in MP3

Original Album Credits

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The 3 first recordings out on death666records in the 2000 are back on MP3 with free download and special promotion

In the honor of the ten years of the label the first recordings out on death666 are back in digital audio free with this mp3 special download page, for your ears in shearch of speedcore through mediafire here are some of the finest debut of the label in electronics and hardcore, speedocre, incredibly violent music, almost insane and digital attack, bass attack and heart rythms synncronised it goes up to 500bpm if you want you and wonload our samples kit at CCMixter and do a remix of your song using Sampling Plus licence, for the release of the compilation "ten years of death666, an anthology (1999-2009)" some unreleased track will feature Ass n Dick, the Anti Beat, Mat's Trip, SKLPL, some live maybe and even fully remastered techno heavy bass tracks in the spirit of the internet tape vol 1-6, with alternance of techno hardcore and hardcore punk who can easily fit into the playlist like a kind of trick this works really good indeed, check out our new compilation tape vol 6 with some songs on stream that you can dwonload here for free, or make a donation if you want to support us for the giving away of the mp3 music, you can have it free, or leave us any amount of money you want, we still have not sold out the limited 500 LP 33rpm on Paypal, sopme special prices ($13 + $2.5 shipping) for the LP, we have sold out many of the first soiongs that's why we did this page of special MP3 promotion, so enjoy those old tunes of violent electronics, screamed data and noisy guitars and heavy beats played at the time with hammer head rythm station, cakewalk for the most advance audio releases and of course sound forge & cool edit with old the 200 software, 2 pentium which was at that time very notorious, right now we split in late 2001 MV noizetek for medical reason, Mat being sent to hospital, Vinz stayed at Toulouse, Mat in the Lot many times, they beguan outtakes with igor in 2005 which gave birth to a LP album produced with broadcasting job of Mat and some state subvention in arts and culture from V. No jokes we have tons of LP, we sell pretty much and one more thing when you buy to the artists all the money goes directly to us, no distributors, no cuts, like K said just send all the money directly to us ! But here there are all free download (no credit card number required), and you can order us Lp with Paypal(R) or donate

    Mat's Trip - destroy (2000) - original tracklisting :

    1. The Apocalypse
    2. Destroyer
    3. Inside (remix)
    4. The Eraser Part Two (for Vinz)
    5. addtional sounds of speedcorenoisecrunch (w/ Camille on drums)
  • music produced and mixed at Toulouse HardCore 2000 - recorded at death666records studios B (Toulouse) Add'l recording at death666 studios A (les arnauds) - Sound engineering advice :thank you sylvain (wherever you are this thought is for you and by the way sorry to see me smashing my brain on the floor) - additional recordings and sampling by Vinz - sampled, produced, mixed and recorded by Mat at death666records studios A and B in 2000 - thanks to the neightboor - fender lended by Jay until recent events - a special thanks to the magic gun and times magazine for the potographies of the artwork - electric guitars, sequencing, add'l production, cubase engineering, cakewalk sequences, midi and electronics by Mat's Trip© 2000 death666records
  • One Year of death666 (2001)

    1. Side one : the anthology of hate violence and self destruction (3.06) download MP3 track here
    2. konvulsions (2.42) download MP3 track here
    3. (No)rmaliZation (4.51) download MP3 track here
    4. pro+kardia (section c/part a) (5.06)
    5. what you want is not what you got (7.05) download MP3 track here (save link as)
    6. side two : no to pigs (vener version 3) remixed by mat for +66dB (4.11) download MP3 track here
    7. come to my edge (it's dark and cold) (SYR 4 cover) composed by Christian Wolf (5.56) download MP3 track here
    8. Side 3 (atmospheric conditions) : H (4.12) download MP3 track here (save link as) or with MediaFire download MP3 track here too
    9. I have this strange feeling (5.19) download MP3 track here (save link as)
    10. Side 4 : the dead hippie sound 3 track extract : cut part one (2.26)
    11. cut part five (3.55)
    12. cuts final (7.58)

    music produced and recorded by mat death666records studios A and B - mixed and rec'd on 3-track GMR with two pentium - Vinz recorded using Cool Edit, SoundForge, Cakewalk Pro Audipo, Midi Orkestrator - All the sound produced by Mat and Vinz at Toulouse HC - Almost a numer in the homicide in 3.3 rpm - made in tls hc

    screamed data, sampling, filtering, stereo eq, faders, auomations, programation, sequences written and performed by MV Noizetek - Mat (prog, electric guitars, noise, shouts) - Vinz (electric guitar, data prog, sequence, add'l shouts on no to pigs vener version " - remix by MV Noizetek for +66dB prod, toulouse hardcore (2001) mystery train

    MV Noizetek Single EP (2000)

  • Mat and Vinz say no to pig - everybody hates a pig - first no live soundtrack
    1. Introduction
    2. Violcence and Violence
    3. download track here
    4. mat and vinz says noi to pig (vener remix 3)
    5. download track here
    6. ace of base (remix)
    7. additional tracks : death to the system download MP3 track here
    8. all music produced and mixed by MV noizetek systeme de son - screamed data, shouts, sequences, mixing ,editing, cutting, pasting, filtering, cakewalk playback, add l distorsions, grunge OD, electronics et all by MVNoizteek systeme de son - artistic management, A&R (rave), sound live assistant sylvain - add'l production by mat at death666 - sound advice SV - fender guitar lend by Ju with the fx thanks to ya all - a tv and VCR had been broken during a police raid in toulouse in 2001 - I will smash a guitar soon - wherever you had sorry for you to had to see me smashing my brain against the floor (no worry i look just fine now) all the sound © 2000 death6666records

all the sound processed, recorded, filtered, distorded and equalised at toulouse and les arnauds, death666studios, remastering sessions 2002 at death666 engineering by mat - live dolby stereo remastering 2 channelms home fidelity ball sound produced by mat death66 strudios 2006 - original sound recording made between 1999-2001 nd released originally on Compact Disc R under the label death666. Now i 2008 all the songs are licened under a Creative Commom licence for this release and broadcasting on the internet © 2000, 2008 death666records/ASR/MV noizetek/MT

As well this is important to know that all of the sound recording broadcasted here are under Sampling Plus licence by Creative Commoms, where you can use samples, beats, parts of our works by using the CCMixter tool, we will be notified when a sample is used into a song, and usually we support this licence, some great song have been made using this tool, specially the porch cat remix which is impressive under non commercial-attribution-share alike licence, you ust reissue the work under the same licence that we use. But go on fill samples kit in your beatbox, your PC and go ahead, bring da beat, we will follow