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This page is dedicated to abstract/concrete artists. Recently add to this new section dedicated to mp3 music downloads, exclusive songs from Outtakes with unreleased Side 3 of their LP album, as well available for download the compact disc Alternate Takes with differents versions of the classic songs from Outtakes as played during their rare live performances. The audio quality is very good with songs approved by the band as released on CD-R in limited copies. This rare album can be downloaded here, if you like the songs you can make a donation on Paypal for supporting indie music.

Find here latest music from abstract concrete artist Mat's Trip who put his latest albums on full download hoping to meet a new audience through the internet. The music performed is closed to kind of new age music and acid rock, all instruments treated with electronics reaching a kind of heavy quietness and harmonic vast soundscapes, long wavelenghts closed to ambient music played with one electric guitar in one take recordings using various effects and machines to create electronically modified new sounds. This website will be updated frequently so come back to check for more rare music added from various artists and internet exclusive tracks.

Here you will be able to find as well Mat's Trip experimetal outputs out on abstract/concrete recordings, some experimental tapes recordings of the late albums The End Of Time/The Last Song (abstractCD08) A Free Peace Of Sky (abstractCD07) and Sky Piece (abstractCD09). The mp3 files are very high quality up to 224kbps in 48kHz-16Bits stream and encoding, the sound quality gives full satisfaction with stereophonic spectrum and high quality playback in 48kHz.If you like those songs and if you download most of the songs you are strongly encouraged to make a donation at Paypal of the value you want or as well buy the compact disc records if you prefer this media.All the media downloads are powered by MediaFire

Those musical works are copyrighted by the artists involved in the works under Creative Commons License
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