MT new book takes shape

It should be rendered before the end of the year 2013

to give you a taste of what it should or should be this is a preface written to form the trilogy as Aliveblue might come in PDF and xeroxed versions only

PREFACE I wrote books, i wrote books about a new mythology of massive power given to few controllers ,that wash the brain of the whole nation throught television broadcasting, radio waves that goes throught your head and send the wrong chemical messenger to this receptor in your brain now listen this is all bullshit or is it otally truer i won t say it s totally true, some scenes have been invented to illustrate the purpose of this book others came from personnal experiences, and strange things occuring to me ,,,my diary was too paranoid i burn it down and make a fiction to flush it all away and it worked noww a trilogy like I wanted is supposed to bere made of three books book one : red light bublegum/speed grape book two : metronome moon shadow (with different narration than in book one which is writte,n like a script with scenes numbers instead of chapter and book three : moonlight alice blue (all titles have been generated by computer, I pick those ones because i found them tricky enough to ikllustrae our association of ideas that have been commomly accepted as true) the third book will be delivered as follow : first tome 6 years later in real time, being written round 2007 it should come until the end of the year 2013 that we just started, and a second tome supposed to come 4 years after in real time (who might take the scene scipted method of wroitting exactly where it stops in book one) 1st tome will have a more readable plan and chapter titles as in pre writting that i m working for about a mouth i wanted to acknowledge mly reader tro very important words in their meaning (see Annexe II zappendice at the end of the book who describes and give a definitionb of some words used in the work I d like also to aknowledge my PhD for pushing me further throught this xwork of fction Iwant it well done you understand, but mess up the text a little to loose the reader or make it unconfortable then also give the impression of a controled chaos as well as a possble good ending more or less optimistic Some leads reveals true, or the reader assume it to be true, some are dfalse lead maybe leading to the truth the bok is very offensive in some sort, i used racist or homophobic context to shock and surprise the reader, to provocate a certain angeer, because myself I 'm bisexual so I m rather not neither racist or homophobic, xenophobic in any way even if litterally the sentence goes like homosexxual should be hanged and disserve to die like a true cold and persistant provocation toward those with this kind of idea and push it the further i can to make it totally not acceptable. But once again that s a writting technique i sued frequently in some dialogue in the first book in the narration of the second cut up with real cut up to give a break and pause to this text that reveals a certain tension building process and tyobe honest how fucked up is the situation leaved in the two first, that the third will come with drastic solution to make it up back as they can, 1 will it succeded, maybe not maybe too much or maybe not enought you will see thsi dream sequence chapter then I will go on to a more 'i hope' sophisticated work with more style and less gramatically correct sentences that was picked up from cut ups i like also association, when I try to do automatic writting i let myself go and write everything that goes through my mind altrternating with the technique of color, subject, verb, color, adjectives and so on as a wayh of writting some passages are more worked on the gramatical sense and most of all in a sense when it s readable even if the narration's anoinymous content seem to change drasticly in different direction, kind of self divergence into the purpose of the book that s also why i wanyt to split up the book I think it should be written, i already beguin...five years ago give me another one to make it good enough to publish hope you will like it Mat Wednesday Febuary,5th 2013 2

Mat s recording sessions

Equiped with home studio technologioes which allow musicians to record their experiment in a place where no tension reign and no cost in the heads of the studio session, impressive prices for really good gear came, MT I'm recording with Behringer 16-tracks equiped with ultra soft faders and many boards to send and return effects used for mixing, recording and mastering sessions, equiped fully with good microphones Behringer as well but as well M Audio, Audio technica Musician Series, Rodee NT1, and as well Shure SM58/57, and DIs boxes to record direct output from instruments out on effects pedals and return (because there is two outputs) to amp and re recorded with as many microphones as possible, recently a mobile recording on MD proved to be very sucessful as it was drums recorded with two overheads and got a perfect result on disc to dub and hoped be late this year on the compil which features long distance cooperations, remixes and new artistic collaborations

A recording session of outtake took place recently and that's what you can see on the studio section, photograpies from this late session, usually this was equiped for more than four musician,s in a open space (keeping in mind that you can hardly get a drummer to play and record in the room because of the noise and the heavy sound, some tracks have to e recorded elsewhere MSC, but at ASR studios we can dubb vocals in great stdio quality (that was based on standards reead on EM eectronic musician then see as well in the book that berklee Press university edit, Berklee near Boston I think not in california)) In any way the recording sessions were very sceessful regarding to the sound and the magic stereo was great retaed somedays with Mini Disc recording to keep the cleanness of 32 bits 96kHz recordings and 16bits 48kHz mixing session to final master at 44100Hz 16bits. I use Cubase VST software, Cool Edit Pro, Magix Music Maker, samplitude, Cakewalk, BIAS, various Cubase VST ingoing web objects, soundsnaps samples and other legal sampling, I use a sound board by creative Labs including rCA enters and full blast stereo channels and multi out/in.

the future could be the recording on digital files of 5 channel sound like in Dolby standards, stereophonic in four channel and digitalized than broadcasted on internet as wav files with ultra high quality, as sound producer ASR broadcast a lot of music recorded with energy and consideration at ASR studios and uploaded to web.

I want my recording to sound almost pro when I did home recording project which could be possible with skills and gifts but sometimes the latest release sound almost pro when you know that's it 's actually one take recordings on one take on multitrack and it was pressed to deluxe 250g triple Lp set for MT and 1 LP 180g DMM for Outtakes (te abstract LP01) which still remains to buy on Paypal for special prices and promotions, if you are a broadcaster we have a lot of LP which are "not for resale or sale" in promo and we are looking forward to send you copies of this 1st limited 500 copies LP 33rpm pressing, we are looking as well for distributors in European Union, South America, United States, Canada, if you can carry release in your distriobution process thanks for letting us know at timepeace6@gmail dot com thanks !

To come soon pictures from the studio in gorgeous blac and white and many videos and photographies (in digital quality) are broadcasted by UStream which include some studios sessions and as well photos when offline. We'll print as soon we know but this late august some maybe some will be recorded

MP3 Remix Contest

Since we agreed to share our sound recordings on our website with various listeners and mostly artists with licences from Creative Commom, which allows us to share music with the listeners and artists on the web, under certain conditions by the Share Music licence, we organise a remix contest to allow artists, music producers to sample, cutup, download... More…

Outtakes and Ass'n'Dick Video on You Tube

Two new videos from Ass'n'Dick and Outtakes to watch now on YouTube directly from the website of death666. Ass'n'Dick video shot at la vielle vallette during a concert, this is the song "Crust On The Beach" and this is a nice rendering of live energy in performances of Ass'n'Dick, More…

Mat's Tip video on You Tube + forthcoming E-book

Mat's Trip video is available on You Tube, it shows recording session of 2003 album Days Of Self Destruction, the video is presented in 1.85:1 format.Another video can be viewed here and is from 2003, presented in 1.66:1 this music video is for a title from the same period.More…

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