Mat's Trip Fiction Announced a Sequel in E-book publication

Mat musician under the name Mat's Trip has written a ficiton in the form of a film script where crude violence appear into a doomed vision of the future where disasters had come and raise the human being to a computer machine like functionment, and where no one is really free.

The first part of the fiction titled Red Light Bubblegum/Speed Grape has been published by BLessed Hardcore Press in E-book release that appears to be free to get on the internet, Mat's Trip uses his real name for the writting of this strange peice of fiction, a hard vision of our times, spelled in a deliberatly offensive way with crude symbolic utilisation for modern control strategies.

The book doesn't have really a end, and want to leave the reader for further writting experiments with a announced sequel with more use of computer generated text, of cut-ups methods, of anarchist symbolic displays and random text disposal for a more textured vision of fragmented human beings lost into differents symbolics and altered perceptions of the soul.

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it s been quite a long now we ve been working on several project , finish the trilogy, but in xeroxed and digital pdf version with anew photcomposition as as well a new noovel who will be scanned because it is typewritten for the internet version hope you will enjoy it -oh by the way we retreive altered material , complete catalog available this fall, all titles in print

Excrept from the book "Red Light Bubblegum"

Scene 15

The brain did not take further messages from the environment, but in fact he did, unchaining a long form of space program, the big erasure had come, following the effect of an incredible mind erasing drug, more or less himself and his intern secretions of chemical hard drugs inside of the body, which the brain takes an outside order to release. Fade out. A room full of equipment, with computer screens, devices and many buttons lightened with many different colors. Programs on playlist on computer screen with lights sent/received which switch from red to blue color. Laser beams transmitter through satellite which reproduced the exact invisible light frequency drawing some place else on earth. Frequencies of the brain sent through satellite and vice versa frequencies broadcasted through satellite. The air in the atmosphere is full of those frequencies traveling at a great speed, transmitted, broadcasted through satellites transmitters on electric devices thought square laser beam projectors centered into the eye retina, projecting invisible light on the eye, creating hallucinations, cancers, trauma, psychiatric intensive care, lobotomy programs, electronic surgery, psychiatric horror stories.

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Scene 30

The whole shithouse goes up in flame, visions of apocalypse projected on giant devices into the streets. People feels the waveforms penetrates their heads and felt suddenly sick to death, crawling down the streets on their knees, electricity ripping of their flesh and feeling electric waves inside the brain. They fall down the floor agonizing painfully in the middle of the street roads, drivers stop by feeling the same electric convulsion, they all die in few seconds but the end was fucking hard, all exterminate in the middle of the street, dying in agonizing pain. Technicians push the final button, worse than the atomic bomb, the brainwave modulator experimental device which could kill anybody in 10 seconds with ultra aggressive programs, the programs had been elaborated sometimes in 1936 and survives WW2 and are completed in year 2006 on subject chosen on files stocked inside Gestapo machines and old Stasi files. They incorporated final society dumb refered as homosexual, drug users, subversive people filed for implication in subversive acts, they were all written with different types of pencils, of different colors and different size of the ball point.He was an ex-collaborator, ex-Nazi and he hides from many times aboard, he used to collaborate with nazi various projects and get involved in horrible disgusting human selection programs, designed on genetic to find the gene responsible of such a horrible human aspect and then to flush it through many experiments involving blood and head working, mind surgery and as well genetic selection of the human race.

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Unpublished at that time

12-27-12 I don t remember why I was so sad like if the brain washing machine works too well, it s fucking late and I can t sleep, retrieving and fixing back my computer, take all the magic sound tapes back up^from an exterenal drive, plan to correct and evolve the website that s cool to have project when tears and things take your head your sex life is altered and physically you need it to feel allright at a time i dont feel the time passing by as I totally ignoore which day we are, I had an approximative view of the week now it s gone back, switch back to normal bad ideas had gone so i take a look at my fucked computer than try many things to make the soundtapes apear but as a music maker I did a back up and that s so nice i THINK MY NEXT PROJECT will b e despite lenghty tracks of 41, 38, 57 minutes more tracks of half a minutes to 2 minutes maybe two of 4/5 minutes for my cover I m stuck witrh may I get back to four tracks and my wordcore project for Burroughs in which i m stuck i d love to do it well I had so many layers of guitars, voices, beatbnox patterns, filters so that s a good thing the machine is all set for burning , preservate the recorded data it nneed just the website to change a litttle and to get a dsl syncro w/ my machine to make it allright I find back my e book, not so bad after all ! I burned my last handwritten journalbecuz the story i know by heart of azll this world of shit when the pazin takes over the sex drive is distracted affectrd ands nothing runs as it supposed to be well this is the last sound tapes recorded at abstract sound RIP 1999-2011 dismantelled anyway i record lots of guitars and vox ands for the electronicsd i could cut paster EQ filter delay repeat etc my parents did again the room i just began five month later to find things i m shearching for too good too kind w/ stranger they fuck me in the ass for good, i cannot sleep and music cut 27-12-12 Je ne rapelle pas pourquoi je me suis senti aussi triste, peut etre que la machine a laver le cerveau a trop bien marchée, putain c est tard et je ne peux pas dormir, j’ai retrouvé et réparé mon ordinateur, toute la magie des bandes audio retrouvé sur un disque dur externe, j ai prévu de corriger et de faire evoluer mon site web ; c est cool d avoir des projets Quand les larmes et les choses prennent la tête votre vie sexuelle est altérée et physiquement tu as besoin pour se sentir bien A un moment je ne voyais pas le temps passer, comme j ignorais quel jour on était, j avais une vue approximative de la semaine, maintenant c est revenu, un retour a la normale Les mauvaises idées sont parties Donc j ai regardé mon ordinateur foutu et essayé plusieurs choses afin de retrrouvé toutes les bandes et les masters, mais en tant que musicien j avais fait un back up et c est plutot cool Je pense que mon prochain projet va etre malgrés les longs morceaux de 41, 38, 57 minutes peut etre une demi minutes jusqu a 2/3 minutes, pour ma reprise je suis coincé peut etre retourné a du 4-pistes & mon projet wordcore pour Burroughs dans lequel je suis aussi bloqué j ai ajouté trop de textures de guitares et de voix de programation electronique de filtres Donc c est une bonne chose La machine est prete pour graver, preserver les données enregistrées J ai juste besoin de mettre a jour le site web avec de petits changements, j ai juste besoin d une syncro adsl avec ma machine pour que ce soit ok J ai retrouvé mon e book après tout j ai brulé mon dernier journal ecrit a la main l histoire je la connais par coeur, ce monde de merde avec cette douleur prends le dessus sur mes desirs sexuels qui deviennent distraits, affectés, et rien ne tourne comme c est supposé etre

the translation and text is copyrighted blessed hardcore recording a division of asr, two thousand thirteen, MMVIII

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