New text from MT published around 2013

ANNEXE I Post Writting I don t authorize myself in books that much things, I have rules to work with, even if it doesn t appear at first : I want my characters to don t have any development regarding who they are, everybody is anonymous, there are no name of characters To let myself go and to let the text take the form of automatic writting Take from internet website in tribute to burroughs the cut up text I enter or else take the writing automation as it come then insert it in the book To present many leads, some are false, some are real To cover my life and rendering a book ‘a work of fiction’ even if there is moments where this is obvious that this is not fiction at all, but for printing reference I allow myself to present such a paranoid text as ‘fictive’ even if coincidence and events are linked to real events in our worlds like SS, WWII and many other excrepts of writing To let myself go To merss the most possible the book, in fact it supports its first proposal that sometimes events seems random as a methaphor for many things, to distord life and alter by the way human life, as I alter the text and mess it up to loose the reader in a unconfortable position of missunderstanding, or is it on the contrary a way of understanding For the third part I chose to challenge myself I want that the book takes 10 years in real time (in reference to Homer’s Oddysey) to take it all back home, to solve and treat the deconstructed plot and achieve ina kind of false ‘happy ending’ To rewrite with the same methods (scenes & chapter) to take where book one stop To split in two the third volume one book 6 years after, the second four years later in real time How to reconstruct such a nightmare To don t use a single time the word CIA, as it was one of the most repeated, of course subliminal might appear a lot to imprint in the reader s mind this vague notion of malaise …and all the false leads around such a subject To try to explain where we’re at now in 2013 and later in the future to see if this new mythology is becoming true and try to justifie things I used to do in real life unmasked by fiction To create an impression of total cahos that might arrange (who holds the strings why not you become your own puppetter) The fear that humanity go to waste, even if I am not nihilist in any case I want it to go forward in time or backward, in any case homeward, home in the mind of billion of people finding the truth To make it clear, to trke the mist out of reader s eyes To force myself as I did in pre writing to use certain words in english language To force myself to develop a little more my anoymous character s someone s gonna save it, or is it the people who will see what s going on A quick synopsis, or pitch : at the end of the second tome (which will be presented with a new intro and foreword and post face) and less galley The world is being in control of certain people that manipulates the masses thru TV computers and everything, w/o falling in deep paranoia, I wanted to solve the problem in a … military way : get the food and water supply, drug them and nothing has happened Except that some people for some reason are being overdosed with product and develop strange hallucination, other who consume less of the chemical agent that will erase the mind will take notice of evryting thru writing and agendas and will be aware of this So how this all will end, a crazy orange tin haze horizon as the fall of everything, a drugged up dream that never ends, a possible solution to deassapear from mind and let the humans as doll, strings unholded and personns instable, over counting the numbers of dead at emergency room who absorb too much of the chemical and psychological warfare weapon Well I have many ideas about a proper ending of not Maybe make a good ending in the first part, with leads that it will not happen the way they want it or else leaving many characters that hold truth (as the chemical will not be detected by arrangement with the laboratory that analyse water and food for human consumption, the fact that they will loose any grip on humans and mass communication That pirates will take their transmittion and make it public, maybe death will occur for those who tells the truth , putting some sheep in lines that will tell the truth but in fact lie Maybe the second book will be more or less optimistic, bealeaving that people can act something worthwhile or else a vague malaise will shook the reader at the end that will have some keys to open some inconscious door but leave him all of the keys I don t know, surrounded by mystery the events will beon the papers w/ false wriittings of real situation with references to the new world A kind of mythology where everybody could be a possible target depending what he sees or what he do to resist this chemical and psychological warfare with some ideas officials didn t think of So that s elements of the plot, syn,opsis or pitch It will be delivered thru internet as a Creative Commom publishing, two first book might be given to the public domain on 05-13-13 as a more easily reproductable work w/o any rights reserved, legal will be holding by cc Same for the future recordings I m about to release professionally (and a new CD which will be released anytime until the end of 2013 containings many tape reshearch I think we all live in overstimulated times, is it the answer to everything, of course not, but clues might appear easily to the reader, he won t have to dig up the two first to be shure of the accurate infos delivered that has or will be occurred scheduled, but seeming randomly (as in an old age state was keeping control over people thru the same process of seemingly random but totally scheduled events) The moral, the faith…the ook will countain coarse language maybe a little more sex as it became suddently political to fuck someone as doing anyrthing in this world of shit Also the slipping of those, sex being present on TV 24/7 thru all kind of semi hidden appereances Well the first wor’ds if you want to know or the last are : “monster again he shook and…” taken by a cup of coffee that leaves a path in my prewritting hat would start the whole process of writing even if at this time I m not relly into writing process this might come and I want to have sufficent time to get dive into and enough time to start myself up (as it been published in 2007 six years mlater is this year 2013 – I can also ake the second part but I m not into over-working as I might get a real job too so anyhow it will make a full testimony as I myself witness in childhood or being a young adult some things that never existed and beleaving that my mind created this, or was I helped by some other kind of process, I will take the second option, not to be away from my action pretending my evil twin did this but profoundly convinced that mental process we are not aware of are happening anytime (mosdt of the time now) but differs in frequency and intensity thru time I think I should explain myself, some people may find themselves less guilty if that s the case, but our actions have consequences and I m ready to take all the criticism, even if the two first for the personn who read it thinks it s a good book with clear direction in writtting, maybe adventurous, as the key to subliminal projections is holding by a theath, maybe life thretening treath (redundant) Anyway, see u soon on the web publication that blogspot will take care of. With love and w/o any disbelief in humanity, yes we can win the game who knows, demos (the people) might break the chains of mind imperalism who knows how s it gonna end ? Neither me, I am what I am and all I know is that I fell, so I will let myself fall until I got the signal in my brain brought by neurotransmitters, chemical messenger and a brief glimpse at what we all become locked up in our language and actions, underneath it all is anything else, it could be dangerous as it doen t seem to have any philosophy except to control and by the same way alter human life As we al in this century be the part of an endless social classified scales and running after demons and ghosts to preserve our sense of humanity and a false freedom of speech, as the first ammmendment in the US this seem important that some non conformist people take the wheel of conrtol and power to demonstrate this is no good at all Thinking about next generation, how this gonna end ? Eve I, I m not shure but may the classic light will beat the darkness forever or it is something more complex that calculates itselfs as a reference maybe produced by computer engineering We live difficult time, on the social point, on the distance between each of us, a perfect defense for ourselves, but we lost each other as the most dominant (in term of number of people) that could take part in actions to destroy the chains of control that will burry us alive someday or another That s a grim vision of the future and I know that but let s see w

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posted April, 7th 2013

NNEXE III FOREWORD For 'Metronome Moon Shadow' 2 nd Edition Deleted

created Saturday July, 26th 2008 This excerpt is © 2007-2008 by Blessed Hardcore Press A death publishing company

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About Sky Piece

by Mat's Trip

This album got a certain sense of quiet and of electronic mind in a sense. This is the lmast chapter of the epic ambient sequel made of four records. the stock of tape is now exhausted I finsih the thirty hour tape. The concept reach here is paroxysmum with beautiful detailed melodical harmonic field in the idea of music that born with outtakes and goes in this particular direction trying to do similar sound movements then on Tim hecker's Radio Amor the main influence of this record, slow process of one take recording electric guitar plugged all over lightned machines that electronicaly trasform any sound and intervention while playing/recording on the sound board to hide sounds and to compose a huge background of sound effects. One recording include as well live weather such as rain and wind on all the tape, here is the end of the circles of ambient releases.

About a Free Peace Of Sky

by Mat's Trip

A tribute to Yoko Ono and the Beats. The strange and mysterious games of Grapefruit put into art while recording cutting paper in the floor while smashing the guitar with various metallic object, smoke cigarettes and burn something down, cut the tape you like the most and burn it donw in the fire. Proces of slow motion movements with a lot of sound treatment and audio performance, the analogic sound, the slight and subbtle alteration of band width, the 8-tracks guitar with a lot of differents effects put into textured music, soundwaves, frequencies, text about the nuclear age, full heavy sublimination of chemicals and oxygen and free the mind for a certain extatic time, entering a different dimension where time goes slower and where the unconscious liberates into the vast musical programm assembling a long ambient climax reaching moments of changes and harmonic composition.

Album Credits

Music recorded and mixed by Mat at abstract soundscapes studios on 16-tracks analogic mix. Music performed and written by Mat (electric guitar and f.x.) Disc One Side A 1.Circle Event (4.32) 2.A Lost Star In The Desert (7.08) 3.Truth Seekers (part 2) (1.25) Disc One Side Two 1.Circle Event (part 2) (2.45) 3.Sky Performance (part 4) (4.52) 3.Far Away I Expect To Meet U (3.07) Disc Two Side One 1.Introduction (0.52) 2.Imagine One Thousand Suns (9.57) 3.In The Sky (part A) (5.07) Disc Two Side Two 1.In The Sky (part B) (2.43) 2.At The Same Time (2.07) 3.Let Them Shine For One Hour (9.57)More…

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Mat's Trip video is available on You Tube, it shows recording session of 2003 album Days Of Self Destruction, the video is presented in 1.85:1 format.Another video can be viewed here and is from 2003, presented in 1.66:1 this music video is for a title from the same period.More…

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