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This part of the website is dedicated to text, instant feelings, anecdotes of live events, instant ideas, rememberances all put together with as a comom link of a passion for music or a dedication to it. Those various texts give the impressions as musicians or concert organiser for the music on the road, the expressions of life as a musicians, the concert anectodes, the feelings surrounding it.

This part will give a complete archive of the live events that occured in the hardcore punk field, throught the performances of many bands through those evenings shows. It countains a complete schedule of archive that goes through 2005-2007.

The content of this website, including text, is under licence by Creative Commons licence.

Photographic Archive Material

Concert Schedule Archives

Here is a complete archive of the evening shows where punk hardcore bands had performed during the years 2005-2007. The project of this website is to keep a precise tracks of live evnts with the bands line up. To be completed as soon as we found any other fly archives or various memories of past live evnts.

Complete Concert Archives, Set Lists (incomplete)

Date Title Description
June 28, 2007 Concert Rene Biname, Destroy Buster, Life Is A Lie, Dissiped
May 12, 2007 Concert Proxenet Holokosst, Barbie Genocide, Gorgones, Mediocracy, The Anti Beat
April 29, 2006 Spring Festival Michel Platinium, Primal Van Kirk, Death Burring, Ass'n'Dick
March 18, 2006 An Extreme Night Zubrowska, 1984, Trashnasty, Anti Beat
Febuary 25, 2006 The Extreme Freeze Terror Night 2 Aghast, Cirrhose Attak, Ass'n'Dick, Various Guests
May 27, 2006 Concert Charogne Stone, Sickness, Skinner, Ass'n'Dic, Anti Beat
March 31, 2006 Festival Craft, The James Borwn Hide Show, Fatal Nunchakoo, Anti Beat, Semi Playback
October 8, 2005 Concert Hypoptalasias (last live peformance ever), Fatal Nunchokoo, Lisbeth Fisher, Ass'n'dick and Outtakes
June 4, 2005 Festival Novel Optic, Outtakes, Kro'n'Oi, Hiroshima Love, Death Buring, Sickness, Ass'n'Dick, Lisbeth Fisher
Mai 6, 2005 JP2 Extreme Terror Night 1984, Kwaidan, Kro'n'oi, Libesteh Fisher, Los Suppositos
April 2, 2005 Concert Lisbeth Fisher, 1984, Ass'n'Dick, Mat's Trip, Chicken Loser

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An Experimental Space for Expression

This space of the website is dedicated to free expression concernig emotions or feelings toward music, a space for experimental writting, novels, essay, texts all in this place dedicated to art/text. Shearch this space for more text coming from musicians heads about almost anything which has a link or connection to music. We are proud to launch this experimental writting lab in association with death666records. We'll wait til new posts or hand written letters to complete this site.

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