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Releasing written fiction through death666 Blessed Hardcore Press is dedicated to experimental novel under the will of freedom of expression, with maybe the possibility to link some of the witting to music. For instance Blessed Hardcore had published fiction willing to challenge usual writting with more experimental radical techniques.

Text for more artistic expression of for more art form, thinking of openings in the musical field but focused on distrubed text randmly assembled and cutted, violent fictions for new mythologies about our times, our electronic highly advanced future.

Looking for thrills you may have find the right place, we will go to a more puzzled and dazzling text with shocking crude referenced to our hardcore electronic age. We will see where the experiments will lead us but for instance the issue of Red Light Bubble gum/Speed Grape is our first effort in publishing, the sequel will be released sometimes in 2008 and will add more cut-up techniques that William Burroughs find out, a more free random use of modern symbolic association and more text generated by computer with modern cut and paste techniques.

The E-book will be published in accordance with freedom of expression laws, more than a law a strict right to every human being on earth. The content is volnutary obscene, violent and offensive. This book is a real challenge in the making of it, enough of speaking about subliminal subjects with mouth shut, the words belongs to everyone, no word from the dictionnary should be restricted, this is our language. In respect for people the book doesn't countain chracaters name or place and is in fact a huge trasnposition of the authro's real life, childhood and so, melted down with crude methaphors and fictive moments. The book countains as well text generated by computer feeling the author less alone in its fight against modern criminality and oppression.

The plot is a fictious event about how in the first part ESP state commando deceide to reveal to the public the existence of subliminal and forbid its utilisation and death sentence the participants of this abuse, all of this to reveal that the state was hiding the fact that it was going on because anybody cannot see aything and veryone believes as ever their political saviors. This fiction also try to imagine what would it be if the nazis had access to today's technology and how they would go on to rule the world in rejection of the differences, the homophobia, the genetic transfomrations for the épure race". The racist content of the book is awful but is used to make people think of the roots of the evil, this is a very offensive subject.

The boo k is inspired as well by William S Burroughs writting and its obsession with control and power which he transmit to me like a word virus and the style is very deconstructed as well. The fact that computer generates text helps the author to don't wear alone all of this epic story on its own and leaves certain responsability in a way. This is with great pleasure that Metronome Moon Shadow is on its way to publish, many corrections have to be made like in the first Ebook where the end countains gramatical errors. The current version can be extended further more but it will be upgraded. Many of you have downloaded the first part Red Light Bubblegum/Speed Grape and it makes me so proud that internet offer a real medium and media of communication, uncensored thoughts.

Read the full text of the second part (requires adobe acrobat reader) right there

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The writting process had been very challenging as well using informatical techniques to cut up with digital schizors and cut and paste, this is very fragmented as a old head working hard drive and the fact that fction is melted down with certain transposition of real life makes me real sick when I read it I can't go further than six pages because this is disgusting and it recall me so many things I have forgotten. I feel this is the time to defend the rights to express freely in our contries so called democratic, and it's time to reveal certain things but not with underneath meanings that anybody won't catch it's time to be true, straightforward, enough of all of this vast complex associations lines of words and images, enough of so much control in the wrong hands. The technology the science fiction boooks promised is here, and the evoltuion process seems to reverse inside out sometimes, I'm shocked by the state of things. The fact of transpositions of some of my life in fiction is not at all a way to psychoanalyse myself this is the way to throw out the grabage cans fro good. I've been very happy to release this book over the internet as a way to speak freely and to say what's what. I love all of you. The thrill in this book is quite hard, the paranoia is huge and the crazyness is in its red line limit, I fear the state oppressor who can hold your rights and now this is it all slammed like an old trash

This book might be challenging for any civilized society. A challenging book with some hard moments in reflection of a current state of society mind products. The text might content some coarse language and some violence. This text is very challenging and has been build in association with techniques develloped by William Burroughs such as cut-ups techniques and automatic writting, some of the text has been generated by computer by cross reading and random assembling to present as well the apparition of a Third Mind, in the random text writting and automatic assembling. Blessed Hardcore Press is very pleased to announce the sequel to the fiction in the form of a film script in 2008.

The books sets a crude violent fiction which could be very offensive as a goal. This is not easy at all. Defend your rights fight censorship. The author wish to express his gratitude to Fly Pan Am from Montreal, Quebec who support him very much in the writting process of the second volume, as well thanks to Stumble Upon users such as Mr Balooma, indirect support to french association T+ as well.

Fictions at Blessed Hardcore Press

Previously Unpublished Text from forthcoming E-book Metronome Moon Shadow

Chapter 3

The death image was deliberately projected by puppetters, there was wire everywhere inside the air, no way to cut communication lines, as invisible as death shadow, the brain is caught by those invisibles hands and remodeled as further as the person that takes control of your life wants.Help us to help you.The wires caught by antennas and frequencies death trasmittion makes look like if everyone was really dead, unable to make a own opinion, people are empty and filled by this machine and those controllers as they fades down into the city streets.Nothing inside of the individual just some more wiring to control towers fading on emty country landscapes.Brown shite, red shadow violence, with frequency transmitters and controllers.The people is urged to leave the room with this subliminal flash.This commercial was proposed for further ads inside of your head. Do you like to fuck ? Well if so you will not be surprised to see on this computer program all of your desires and secrets fantasies.What is inside of the head is caught, recorded, stocked into vast network of computers, antennas and mind manipulators frequencies shut up down into the drain of your inconsciousness.The mind is unable to see of even figure it out how it works.Nazis make a good stock of film and documents showing how conditioned reflexs works mainly on the subject ready to be eradicate.The sexual repression is a motor of the mass psychology of facism.The program begun and nobody noticed anything, politicians puppets and actions of the people who will shut down soon.New laws arrived and criminals of torture are now hanged in public streets.No more of this ESP shit, the value has now turn to zero. I don’t know why but he did and he slams the door, the noises were recorded with unidirectional condensers microphones, playback of sex tapes inside of the court yard, the judge shits on himself.People making love with sex police, mind control state police, tha actors are recruited inside the schoolyards or even into this army shits. Generals laughing as they spill glass of whisky on their desks.

More More from Metronome Moon Shadow

Chapter 6

Schizophrenic puppets under special electrical desseapear buried in the wallsYour games the brain like electrical crash inside vast trees intervetion past the seeking hospital manipulators all boy doesn’t virus hospital screen mind public cancer unconscious discourse experiments shoot piss today subliminal innocence radiation clock subliminal wires nation nowhere life automatic cold forest inside roaring Green lemon faces schizophrenics walking in empty hall, closed lights of SST office sending vapid shit in the clear crystal water, Gestapo fuckhead and nazi dancing on bears with nice fuck ups of homosexual hangings and various forms of mutilations and torutre inside the past they swpt it all just for the sake of god and then it turn to be reactionism again those old fuckers come out and tell it to everyone who can beleive such things, why this little girl ws raped if it was not anothr subliminal shit i think so it was this thing that makes him do that was he hearding the Voice of French gallaxy transmitted by nazis alien coming to ripped of the earth or was it that IBM machine with six imprinted on his mainboard and sound card.I play too much with my dummy and just like that it breaks. You should put it in the red box afterwhile. Red lights of ambulances with red trucks coming at another accident or crime scene.There are no accidents, there are no coincidences, no such things exist.I will throw more human time to get the recording complete. The ESP dead inside puppet future. Other recording their brains. Schizophrenics worst predict of nazi times. Nazi past, nazi away. Frozen faces into the cold days lemons citric acid in cold blue sky blue lightning with laser spectrometer launched at great speed of frequencies. Everything turn orange and the sky exploaded in many differents colors yellow schizophrenics rendering the ultimate crash program expecting to switch to a less fearful though, the walls white beds hospital beds subliminal projection in the white walls colors mixing with special though of eradiccation massive bloodbath heads falling apart it was again the nurse. Inside red bed hospital subliminal technology frequency plugged into all of them. Cursed nightmares of apparitions of the subliminal mind open intercourse reflex and taste the saltiness of your mind frequency nighmares comes interrupting assez depravation tell them you want the clock with vast reflex goes to the public broadcast and be prepared for what’s inside a nameless nation of wires inside of the head all mixed up to cancer and violence wrongful ideas, can of doors sexual six is the electronic surprised ESP still raped psychology and the way you are really your dreams Automatic reel, darkness house, who was it ? you sleep that way, the eyes a control steal the mind seeking killer will fuck me on the old games tomorrow inside bed Technicolor film not weirdo fuck of your virus well surprised like of nowhere it can be the unconscious discourse

Additional Excrept from Previously Unpublished Fiction from Forthcoming E-Book Metronome Moon Shadow

Chapter 36

We just glance at it like if it was a film but inside of you you never know and you will never find out. Watch the ESP value and your own threesold it didn't move it just so quick and flash of light general applause people laughing behind lies did they kill that child or what or was he just hurt ?Fucked journalists hanging newpapers at windows on the streets, removal in progress of a peace of brain a peice of mind just like that we push this button and you wouldn't see nothing at all it will all be swept away just like that you wouldn't see nothing at all, it will be all erased and flushed out, just a light, a tiny subtle signal, and watch out it will come inside your subconscious mind, it will all be fucked afterwhile no need for hope, opinion or justice, such things didn't exist in our modern society we are just the whole rest of a vast media system a mass communication and a vast network sharing the minds of millions just listen to this fucking voice tell them to get out of your head right the fuck now it will shut down soon and it will be for the best no more brain washing machine shit no more fuckers alien SS nazis french invaders all just flushed out the toilet. Did you know that all this subliminal shit was just another story of piss a long huige story of piss, piss all over the lakes mixed with shit evacuation from the SST office. Did they need to send so much shit a year from their time factory, their mind working fucking frequencies flows throught the green air in a vast blue athmosphere red lights on in vast brown shit offices with mind fuck heads true god saviors on television, political jesus, the savior is just this mind a fuck head you see he will do you no good just bad stuffs, all the money they spend in flushing neurons of people per year have you any kind of idea, you wouldn't beleive me, beleive they, what they have to say today watch the news the signal is here on the show at the image on the background something that makes you think of something else but you don't know, you don't know anything at all you don't got no mind it just all of them. People didn't have anymore opinions or ideas this year and it goes down the toilet again, oh shit i just change my autmation by locking the door and i did it for free.

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