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Mat's Trip A Free Peace Of Sky

This album is the latests releases from Mat's Tip on the ambient ground, mainly inspired by Tim Hecker's Radio Amor this album explore new sound territories, vast detailed soundscapes with warm analog tube amp electric guitar going through various effects machines, creating long pieces of ambient like texture songs.

This album is as well a dedication to the Beat scene of the 60's and to tribute to Yoko Ono's art book Grapefruit with performances inspired by the book such as Cut Piece, with recordings of cigarettes and paper cut.

The epic sequel of this work is Sky Piece following The End Of Time, long epic ambient song with live recordings of rain and one take recording techniques with single instrument and a lots fo tape, selected works goes on the four CDs that makes the ambient concept serie with slow evolutive pieces and special spectrum of frequencies with improvisation in the sound electronic evolution.

Note : the double LP version of A Free Peace Of Sky and Sky Piece had been released by Dubplates and Mastering at Berlin and features a different tracklisting than the CD version of those albums with previously unreleased and different track timings are featured on this version. You can download the double LP on mp3 format with unusual high quality for free on this website

About Negatively Entropic, the song came from a forthcoming EP by Mat s Trip and is actually previously unreleased, this is the only song to have been overdubbed and mark the end of the one take recording area, the song is very textured with many layers of guitars, the forthcoming EP will countain 4 titles with 27 (the song) and many more ambient soon.

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The principle of the dubplate release is that you can download the songs on Internet, so abstract/concrete won't have to distribute the release but only digitally on MP3 with high sampling freq. on correct quality, even if the release is made on Lp aster as unique pressing, the song could be duplicate through this website and so we distribute our songs via Internet only

Sky Piece by Mat's Trip

Words from the musician on this recording

“I was mainly interested in creating a quiet sphere of sound with differents levels and textures of sound, with an idea of deep listening music. I wanted this record to sound analogic with white noise and sound light alteration on sound support, as well I wanted to make this album like a relationship with listeners and to create the ultimate quiet trip, with mind influence flying through heavy frequencies and opening doors of uncoscious symbolics. This is the electronical trip with the mind, this is the access to special sensitive zones on the other side of the reverse mirror like image.A quiet moment where you can explore various perceptions of reality through music and sound. I record on A Free Peace Of Sky traces of living activitie such as cigarettes burning and footsteps on the floor to create the exact moment in present time, the sequel Sky Piece is as well the ultimate trip to inside world with long wavelenght in extatic peace of flow of sliding guitars, effects all over the place and a sense of long quiet evolution through giant soundscapes, that's where it all achives in this kind of warm ambient place, those record were issued September,27 for Sky Piece.”

Tracklisting CD Version A Free Peace of Sky

  1. Sky Performance (5.15)
  2. Circle Event (4.18)
  3. A Lost Star In The Desert (16.25)
  4. A Desertic Blues Come Out (5.12)
  5. Sky Performance (part 2) (3.12)
  6. Quick Fix (7.39)
  7. The Theatre Is Closed (8.04)
  8. Cut Piece (4.27)
  9. Sky Performance (part 3) (5.06)
  10. Circle Event (part 2) (5.32)
  11. Far Away I Expect 2 Meet U (6.17)
  12. Great Expectations (8.31)

    Album Credits:

    music recorded and mixed by Mat at abstract soundscapes studios  •  music written and composed by Mat's Trip (electric guitars and f.x.)  •  LP version mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin  •  © 2007 abstract/concrete recordings

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Tracklisting CD Version Sky Piece

  1. Introduction (1.37)
  2. Gradually Melt Down (5.21)
  3. Sky Piece / Color Piece / Fly Piece (3.08)
  4. Imagine One Thousand Suns(9.47)
  5. In The Sky (7.34)
  6. At The Same Time (2.15)
  7. Let Them Shine for One Hour (21.37)

    Album Credits:

    music recorded and mixed by Mat at abstract soundscapes studios  •  music written and composed by Mat's Trip (electric guitars and f.x.)  •  LP version mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin  •  © 2007 abstract/concrete recordings

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