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abstract/concrete recordings welcomes you the Media Archives section more designed to fit the need of abstract sound production, with a bunch of Digital Realease, free legalm download (to our FR viewers this is under a CC licence and this is not 'outlaw' downloas (as you may have noticed or not the sacem, the ascap th e music ppublishers spociety or group beguan to be furious against mp3 even in FR news against downloading enter the penal code with serious legal issues so don t worry this is free lgal download

As you might imagoine since the last upgrade (with legal issues w/ our MP3 data base, the stream get erased and the down has to bee revised in many ways) for example there is new encoding in higher fidelity for the three sided project of Outtakes S/T 2006 33 1/3 rpm release, firstly the shop around toulouse will be reloaded w/ a new version of the LP featuring a live CD w/o applause (a technical thinbg we re talking about this is ..well strange but nice in any way soon to be mastered professionally in Canda by Harris Newman to fit the sound of consistant help thru the Lp release process lots of thanks greymarketmastering dot com

Also Outtakes latest CD before the LP run is fully available as a ZIP file plus many stuffsthe digitall promo pack will be revised in audio etc w/ add l artwork videos & also a free promotional sampler for june 2013 will be available a double compact disc, one is a CD rom the other is half data half audio containing titles from the forthcoming LP issue of 2009 compil for the ten years of the label death, same thing for abstract in 2012 we still work on mastering issues with all the differents sources : Mini Disc, cassettes, 4 tr tapes, rehearshalls, live rec w/ mic &md from the audience, full 24-tr, also 2-tr correct live output, some lost and found rare rec of many bands (on faulty hard drive hopefully i maniacally back it up to DVD and to a HD also) anyway here is a list of what you can newly download (for free) you can make a donation on paypall of the vlue you want to support us if you want (but it s not necessary to download the files anyway but gives true support for financing support of our cost effective projects and all, it s a circle and as indie label linked w/ few distro (most on death) we have to do everything ourselves, we are happy to sell you an album in physical LP 33rpm (we have multiple items in stock) you can get a best price at but the cost of shipping is very expensive outside Europe (specially to North America) so count about 13 euros for the LP/CD/DG album -

Outtakes 33rpm Side A encoded in 320k from original mastertapes download here

Outtakezs 33.3rpm Side A (FLAC version) encoded in FLAC (free lossless audio codec) playable in most of all web media players such as songbird, jet audio, itunes, winamp, window media etc la qualitée sonore est impressionante (bien mieux que le MP3) par contre le téléchargement necessite plus de temps car les fichiers sont plus gros (connexion ADSL nécéssaire) download here

Outtakes 33rpm Side B encoded in 320k from original mastertapes download here one of the most nisy track recorded perfectly mastered an old tune 'il est temps de se sentir libre' remplacé en face B finalement par les nouveaux enregistrements avec plus de moyens techniques sur 'electricity pole/sept waves (17.57) to feel a little more free (1.07)

Outtakes 33rpm Side C (exclusive to internet) encoded lame encoding 320Kbps, Side C not pressed because of money issue and sound quality considerations (exclusive to web as 'footnotes to howl' (see artist page here) for the song with a ginsberg poem (our long time Word Beat project might take the form of 3xLP, i think end of time will be released sooner as one sided 132" labelled abstractLP03 - this sound tape had been mastered though (by mister harris newman in canda, montreal, quebec) platting in CZ by GZ digital media, DMM made by engineer unknown - you can order the physical album (see Outtakes pages /media/mp3album.html - encoded in 320k from original mastertapes download here

credits for Outtakes 33rpm 12" 140g LP : sold at amsterdam,concerto NL, Brussels, Veals and Geeks, B, Tonevendor, sacramento, CA, US ; cheap thrills,montréal, québec,Canada, Records Breakers @ Chicago, IL, US ; Toulouse (31) le laboratoire, paul emille vynil, vicious circle, gibert joseph, croc vynil,FR etc

soundtape recorded and mixed by mat on 16-tracks at abstract soundscapes except 'brume statique' recorded at MSC - all music written, performed by Outtakes - at this time : igor : keyboards, bass lines, vibes ; vinz : electric gtr & fx ; mat : electric gtr, fx, octaved bass on 'electricity' - additional personnel : loulou : add l distorsion on 'brume static' plus background noises ; Fred : add l drums on 'brume statique' lifted up by mister newman - mastered by harris newman at grey market mastering download here

Patience was the last outtakes CD before the LP pressing, it has been recorded between 2003-2005 thru all outtakes soundtapes, then assembled with various takes to create songs and athmosphere, more close to contemporary field with more players and more layers of sound - perfectly mastered, mixed at abstract soundscapes by mat year 2005 - music by outtakes - at this time : igor : keyboards, moog, analog synth polyphonic ; clem : electric bass ; anais : clarinet contralto ; vinz : electric guitar and fx ; david : drums ; mat : electric gtr and fx, real time mix and rec to digital - assembled night of March, 15th 2005, finished two days later as a full lenght album, giving up for free under CC licences

Our website section (hosted by death platform, owned as well by abstract sound - but we deceide to split in two label as the techno album and punk records on death doesn t fit foir experimental outputs so after two co release we totally split abstract & death so abstract is boorn in 2002 and death in 1999 juszt before y2k w/ massive hc destruction some long outta print record will be re-issued (art of skalping, ultra noisy mixdown, etc some good stuff from anti beat(2006 alb 4 tracks attack) newly found rare mastertapes of rastapopoulos first no tech band that sell out quick and moove on but we are working on a new realease with a magic cover (not made by phillipp virus) but very fucked up by faulty HD on computer nice and mazing design, happy w/ it so you ll see see the main website death home on yr right)

We give the opportunity to got free full downloads of latest albums from Mat's Trip and Outtakes, find as well ultra rare tracks that have never been released and as well full albums downloads for free. In its improvement of the website hosted by death666 you will find this cool mp3 music player in the shape of an audio cassette streaming wonderful rare songs in audio.The music contain in the website had been released for internet under a Creative Commons license. Much more rarities to come soon on stream from the huge abstract sound archives.

Download mp3 audio from the late albums on abstract/concrete and as well rarities from Outtakes Rehearshall sessions, live sessions, albums released only on CD-R on few copies, right now right here on the web, the media downloads are poered by MediaFire. To come very soon as well a audio podcast who will give us the opportunity to distribute our content. You can browse the songs and albums in the MP3 & album contents.You can as well Partcipate to the Sampling Plus campaign please visit our blog on Wordpress.

>Download Outtakes 2005 Live in MP3 and> Download Outtakes 2006 live recording in FLACThis audio recording is now available in FLAC the new codec which has really better sound quality and more large files, this lossless audio quality file & the MP3 HQ (high quality) countains the live sequence as played in villefranche january 2006 including all files in this new sound format codec as played by Winamp and JetAudio. To come the Outtakes LP 2 Sides plus two unreleased songsin FLAC plus Mat s Trip ambient masterpiece of sleeping music The End Of Time plus many death666 artists to be encoded from the original mastertapes in FLAC including The Anti Beat late split CD & 2006 Album

This section gives more room to abstract/concrete artists within the main website and open many download possibilities as well as buying the albums, we give away the songs and you can donate, but we like our music to be listened so we give away, in a idea to communicate the music and to give to the music a kind of life/light.

This is the back cover artwork of The End Of Time double CD release version 1, the LP version had been cutted out on dubplate, the 40 minutes song had been cutted in two pieces to fit the LP record side timing, the full album is availbale on MP3 high quality for free in full album download. The epic songs that lenght about 40 minutres each had been recorded using RIAA Equalisation and a special live set recording configuration including rain sound recording made live during the performance all set in one take recording principle with a maximum of effects and guitar and digital electronics you can have the full album on download as well.

This website section is dedicated about abstract concret artists that's why the design is so different tha the main website, this is a web base for independant recordings, mainly ambient, experimental and rock outputs with bands such as Outtakes with their debut LP made quite a debut album, you can find from those artists additional MP3 muisc from rare takes, outtakes, live recordings and alternate versions in full Mp3 download for free.

Many videos are avialable in the video section featuring the wonderful static experimental films by director Leo Tsuou and Outtakes music, as well filmed performances in Southern France in 2005, digitalised in black and white by unknown artist, the live videos takes place during Akortribal annual contemporary art exhibition and the band play in the exhibition, quite an experience, the video has been revised to 16/9 and also Cinemascope format

Abstract Concrete announce brand new MP3 HQ titles with new LAME encoding in 320Kbps & more FLAC, with Outtakes rare songs in new audio format soon and additional mt as well both abstract/concrete artists

The End Of Time - abtstractLP03 180g virgin vynil LP, DMM,one sided 180g virgin LP

Front cover artwork of abstractLP03 by PM C Print, 35mm film stock, digital and graphic editing bny mt, june 2013

A note about the sound

Recorded in special stereo at abstract soundscapes studios, this lenghty album (abstractCD008 double CD of total audio lenght of 120 minutes+) had been released to MP3 encoding and free avaibility on the internet (the sound is available in the abstract section of this website), the two tracks The End Of Time and The Last Song had been given to public domain and are exempt of any copyright in the sound recording, as if the track was 100 years old, anyway it had been recorded in 2006 on mini disc w/o overdubs or looping, using many outboard effects and fx pedals to produce waves coming back and forth toward the field recording of rain, falling in real time during the rec (there are many spaces with rain, surely when I change of gtr, because some are not tuned exactly the same (i ve got my tunning book standard and other essay for some songs, and a prepared gtr w/ screwdriver, so 3 gtr jackson, fender and w/o quality mark (loose the tuning every quarter seconds, anyway the fender sounds great and sets a very slow process of building the song w/ few theme but mainly focused on layers of sound (7 track out for one gtr, three DIs out plus 3 mics on the amp & two coupled mic at the window (raining so w/ boom and a lot of crystal that absorbed humidity because a version of this ultra compressed by D&M,Berlin, germany you hear only the ticking of rain against the wood, not the whole field rec, as well many stereo effects, some tracks are radiocally panned to right/left giving a sense of spectral density, layers of sound on sound, a dense and almost spatial athmosphere where ambient noise rock creates gigantic waves of calm and quiet and waves from all of the sound out of the 16-tracks had been entirely modified throught complex circuit of guitar f.x. pedals and f.x. studio machines and digital reverberation, this is a one take recording concept on improvisation and the original recording had been made on MD then transfered to digital for the final LP/CD/MP3 release, all the special effects had been recorded live this album prefigure the ambient recordings sequel not the one numbered from one to three, but the sequel with albums such as A Free Peace Of Sky, Sky Piece (both dedicated to yoko ono & john lenon for their work of art , specially grapefruit on which I adapt some 'pieces' cigarette piece, not hammer nails (already done by the sonics, cut piece where I cut paper it s been modified and tweaked so it goes backward on stereo field quite nice track despite few themes I wrote and play some which are quite sad songs even for 'the last song' improvised lyrics, a technique of free vocals with anything that comes in mind and a soft burried scream of terror (enough is enough, getting tired) nevertheless The End of Time is the far most successful piece that goes w/ great expectation (a cat power cover - very modified, and w/o vox - the big come don is nice too, lenghty too but sqlow down gradually to no end harmonic chords descent that goes and goes down - and The End Of Time - one of the best rec on MD w/o ovrdub, one take rec Those recordings had come on various sound format CD & MP3 are available throught this website on high quality LAME encoding and MP3pro up to 320Kbps, this is the online liner notes from the recordings The Last Song/The End of Time by experimental artist on abstract/concrete Mat's Trip

The End Of Time (full album recording) (41.07) recorded in one take rec, w/o any overdub or looping just minor fx thru mixing the digital audio when transfered to WAV files with a lot of stereo fx (radical panning and evolutiove EQs as well, RIAA rec techniques (as I read on EM) & it works (a old standard for vynil LP in the 50's still kick ass in a weird way) state-of-the-art gear at this time a lot of mics, nice DI boxes and 9 fx pedals on two circuit on stereo (boss digital reverb, boss digital delay, ibanez digital/analog delay, boss acoustic simlulator, boss flanger & pahse shiftyer (phaser), no loop station unfortunately, octaver for playing bass w/ gtr (at least the first chords) and well bunch of other precious stuffs boss metal zone, jim harley fuzz unit) outboard includes Reverb with two machines in one, and also a ultramizer, plus a tube ultra gain pro for processing signals) the result is nice download here

credits for LP release recorded, mixed & performed/played by mat (16-tracks) @ abstract sound, 2006 - Mini Disc to Digital Audio (wav) made @ abstract sound by mat, 2006 - music performed, written by mt - DMM made at sterling sound, NYC,NY, US by Steve Fallone - Mastering by Harris Newman @ grey market, montreal,qc,canada - platting on 180g virgin LP one sided by GZ Digital Media @ CZ Republik - an abstract/concrete release - no CD - Digital available legally under CC licence still free

A Note on the Music : (by mt, composer & engineer of the end of time ceased to public domain (dedication))

“This album has been recorded sometimes in 2006 giving the opportunity to express musical vibes as a feeling close to extremity, specially in the lenght of each song whose duration is about 30-40 minutes long. I want to take the time to build and create and athmosphere with this recording and give a sense of desolation of something ruined of somewhat wrong. While recording the sound you can feel body liberates calming waves of synapses chemical messenger and is so anti stress in a sense and also very dense, layered, textured, almost over textured where sonic waves comes & go as waves of sound of electronically processsed gtr w/ a lot of fx (as well ,on fx pedal then outboard fx) and a lot of fun w/ the live mix and live EQs all in glorious stereo, a very dense stereophonic recording close to 70's experimentation w/ stereo and radical panning of some tracks that finnaly turn and spins round the room, it seem to be a quiet record even if it sound almost noise sometimes but it s less agressive you feel waves of quietness and calm just below a kind of tension and slow building piece (30 sec of silence then the track beguins by 3 min of rain until the amp is started - he is also cutted at teh end of the rec) I recorded the disc two after a violent crash accident where the scenario was just some worthless shit and I wonder how could people act this way violently like if nothing cares anymore, like if everything was void and everything going to a close end feelig. I transpose those strongs emotions on music with extreme durations to take the time to devellop electronically the feeling of the album.Its shape is wonderful in my taste with a lot of stereophonic reshearch and maybe the best sound I ever had on home recording at my abstract soundscapes home, the purity is inside the wave lenght looking for salvation or redemption in something totally tasteless and void. Building a bubble of sound effect that give rise to a pure feeling of somewhat really beautiful. The sound is precious to me in this album like a restless effort of recording something almost sacred.”

back artwork of project abstractLP03 by Richard Prince Appropriation Art and collage,assembling usingdigital editing bymt, year 2006 , digital file, high quality square inch scan oforiginal artwork assembled anddigitallymùanipulated,saturated,color saturation, adding color balance, original prints on SY Sonic Nurse, Dude Ranch Nurse and other opaintings from this collection, courtesy of Richard Prince and Barbara Gladstone Gallery, NYC, NY,USA virtual artistic long distance collaboration, year 2006 in FRx (iso 3166)

Tracklisting LP Version

  1. Side One -rotates at 33.33rpm-A1.The End of Time (part I) (20.31) + small extension (0.37) 1 gtr on A-side
  2. Side Two -rotates at 33.33rpm- B1.The End of Time (part II) (20.37) + smallextension (0.37) 2 gtrs (harmonisation,multitrack) physical copies licenced worldwide by the SACEM/SDRM (except for North America (ASCAP) Canda (CA) and CZ Republik (EU)- Digital Copies licenced by Creative Commom pasdemodif - non commercial - attribution FR version2 point 5
  3. Creative Commons License
    The End of Time by Mat s Trip is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
    Based on a work at
    Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at
  4. MP3 HQ 320kbps had been encoded by mt at abstract sound studies B, june 2013 - FLAC version coming soon please respect the licences, warning:unauthorized reproduction is a violation pf applicable laws and subject to criminal prosecution FBI anti piracy warning programm contact here promotional CDs may be watermarked with intented recipient
  5. Artworkused for this work is visible below for the front artwork (HQ image use broadband to load) painted by pm probablyinspired by the school of chicago, C print 35mm by P.M. (a colour print from a photographic negative shooted on a 35mm film roll stock - prints :kodak eastman - optical andlenses:unknown back artwork image is appropriation art addedto computer montage techniques on Visual Arts (using photoshop andHP scanners to square inch of originalmaterial lifted from SY s Sonic Nurse (2002) courtesy of SY/Geffen/Universal (details of Nurse Paintings : Inside Nurse scans of orange/violetbottom and aswellbackgroundfororiginal Cd-R front CD R clockingondouble CDat 120 minutes + (including the last song (57.27)on disc 1 & end of time (41.07) + the big come down (38.00 approx) on disc twoin Appropriation Art,objects,images and texts are lifted from their cultural context and placed unchanged in a new one, They thus become charged with new significance in this situation a preview-afterview of car crash nbr 2 (subjective violence 6/6 DSMIIII helpfrom witnes(es) 1/5 etc) and an assemblage, coillage scanning of one square inch of background assembled as a new piece of artwork, assemblage meaning, a three dimensional (time space visual)picturemade of differeant materials,usually of everyday use of originally paintred by Richard Prince web from his Nurse Paintings Collection, courtesy Barbara Gladstone Gallery,NYC Montage is Joining together pictorial elements or sequences inphotography,film and video (definitionscourtesy of Taschen s book Art at the Turnof The Millenium (1999) obligatory Plastic Arts book for teaching unit at first year of University masters TLS II

    Album Credits:

    music recorded and mixed by Mat at abstract soundscapes studios  •  music written and composed by Mat's Trip (electric guitars and f.x.)  •  LP 12" 180g DMM virgin pressing - mastering made at Sterling Sound, NYC, US by Steve fallone - project coordinator: Jad Payne (project mgr at Sterling,NYC, NY,USA) -Thanks to all at Sterling Sound,NYC Outtakes All at MSC, HP, HC, and DS all at death JL C for the dynamite- platting at MPO, France or RTI,Premium Vinyl Pressing HQ-180 (r) Record Technology (tm) Inc.,USA - an abstract concrete release  •  © 2007 abstract/concrete recordings/ mf

    Item : Mat s Trip - The End Of Time special mid price 16.70 USD special direct order not yet in stock more than 30 minutes of music in one LP side w/ great musical soundscapes (cf. abstract soundtrax ltd project, ASR music,books,art group new project asourmusic often was a referencetyo visual arts as cinematic visionsor applied by defaulttovisualarts or soundtrackmusic producing a detailled cinematic action orimagination by the sound accoustic and wavesofsoundscapes) to be released, street date: end september, early october 2013

Tracklisting CD version abstractcd008

  1. Disc One The Last Song (57.37)
  2. Disc One Great Expectations (7.02)
  3. Disc Two The End Of Time (41.07)
  4. Disc Two The Big Come Down (38.14)

    Album Credits:

    music recorded and mixed by Mat at abstract soundscapes studios  •  music written and composed by Mat's Trip (electric guitars and f.x.)  •  LP 12" 180g DMM virgin pressing - mastering LP made at Sterling Sound, NYC, NY,USA by Steve Fallone - platting at MPO (FR)or RTI (USA) - an abstract concrete release abstractLP03/CD008  •  © 2007 abstract/concrete recordings/mf

    Item : Mat s Trip - The End Of Time/The Last Song double CD R special mid price 22.50euros special order not in stock more than two hours of music

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