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About The Songs Available On Streaming Audio

This is the audio soundtracks, available in the website as a whole throught digital media download or for free on both audio streaming & broadcasting and as well HQ downloads are avilable on the internet under the following Creative Commoms licences Share Alike-Non Commercial-Attribution France 2.5 and as well Share Music and Sampling Plus licence

    About the songs the audio recordings available as internet podcast, public broadcasting, public domain recordings, sound recordings, songs, music, sound available as streaming audio and/or music download (as MP3 and/or ZIP files)

    all the music is copyrighted © by the musicians involved in the musical works and death666records who provide the internet broadcasting, audio podcasts, public broadcasting thru the world wild web (internet)

  • The Anti Beat (new songs from the 2009 Split CD with Doormouse dsxcd666-21 dsxdg666-21 and Anti Beat 2006 album dsxcd666-18 dsxdg666-18
  • Punk Is Radical - Big Black cover version Jordan, Minessota
  • the whole album is in full HQ (high quality) MP3 & FLAC (free lossless audio codec)- all the super sounding recorded and mixed by jules some at fred s home and some overdubs at toulouse all the super soundings © 2009 the anti beat/death666rec - music composed and performed by the anti beat : loulou guitars & programming & fred electric bass and programming

  • The Anti Beat - It's Too Late - Eat Your Ecstasy - Heart Attack - Hype Fun with Taste - Lies and Words - The Devil s Law - La Sept - La Poutre - Jordan, Minessota - Punk is Radical - No Time Too late - Grind in Jail
  • music written and performed by The Anti Beat. Tracks taken from the first album recorded on 4-tracks by Fred at Mauriac City Sound and mixed by Mat w/ Fred at death666records. Latest tunes mixed on 24-tracks by Manu at Manu Studios (46-Lot) Some other recordings have been lately made by Jules at Fred s home recorded and mixed by jules (2008) - some tarcks masteered by mat s trip (2006) - all the super soundings by the anti beat except jordan minessota a cover version originally written by Big Black © 2005-2006 The Anti Beat/Death666

  • Doormouse - Cooper (Shellac Cover Song)
  • recorded and mixed by Jules - track originally written by Shellac (ASCAP)- music performed by Doormouse - released under exclusive licence to Doormouse © 2008 doormouse From the late Split CD The Anti Beat Doormouse - Anti Beat sounding © 2009 The Anti Beat/death666

  • Outtakes - Improvisation / Footnotes To Howl (for Allen Ginsberg) / Elegy (rare version) / Mexico City Blues (rare version) / LP Side B (Electricity Pole/September Waves) / LP Side 3 - 27
  • all songs written and performed by Outtakes. music recorded and mixed by Mat at abstract soundscapes studios. Footnotes to Howl lyrics written by Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg taken from the book HOWL. music recordered to tape 2005-2006 on 16-tracks. Footnotes to Howl, LP Side B (Electricity Pole September Waves) and LP Side 3 mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, QC LP record manufactured in European Union (Czech republic) at GZ Digital Media - Music published by SACEM © 2005-2006 Outtakes/abstract concrete

  • Ass n Dick - Victims - An Abstract - Death Sixty Six - No Way In Shit - Crust on the Beach (demo) - Born Dead - Aggression Oppression - La Poutre - The New One - Footsteps - Crust and Roll - Bed Stop - Liberation
  • music performed and written by Ass'n'Dick. Some songs taken from the first Self Titled album Black Penitence recorded on 4-tracks by Fred at MCS and mixed by Mat w/Fred at death666records. 2nd album recorded by Mat at MCS on 8-tracks and mixed by Mat w/ the band at death666records using multitrack Cubase VST. Live song recorded direct to tape on MD at Mauntauban (82) mixed and arranged digitally using Cool Edit Pro at death666 by Mat. Latest album recorded & mixed on 24-trcaks by Manu at MS. © 2004, 2005, 2006 Ass n Dick/Death666

  • SKLPL - Kore Against Kapital - Psychotic State - The Way Of Pain - Live Revel - Waste Her - Brutal Shit (Die with Dignity) - Justice - Remain Silent - TVII - La Riposte
  • music written and composed by SKLPL using Cakewalk, Digital Orchestrator at Toulouse HC 2002-2003. Live Revel 2003 recorded digitally to mastertape by SKLPL. Psychotic State music by SKLPL, samples : screamed data by MT from Days Of Self Destruction. Samples : Full Metal Jacket, Requiem for a Dream, U-Turn (motion pictures administred by ASCAP/BMI Columbia Masterworks) Ministry TVII published by Warner Publishing (ASCAP) Good Day (ASCAP).All songs published by Digital Hardcore Music and death sounds music publishing. © 2002, 2003 SKLPL/Death666/DCR

  • MV Noizetek Systeme de Son - Konvulsions, what you want is not what you got, violence and violence - the anthology of hate violence and self destruction, (No)rmaliZation, MV Noizetek say no to pigs (vener version 3)
  • music recorded, sampled, sequenced, programmed, distorded, sampled mixed and produced by MV Noizetek Systeme de Son - additional recordings at death666studios A & B (toulouse hardcore and les arnauds city) - add'l sequencing and programation w/ hammerhead rythms station & soundforge/cool edit pro engineering, filtering, eq and more guitars by Mat & Vinz - includes samples from sepultura (ASCAP) roadrunner records © 2000,2001 death666records/MV Noizetek Systeme de Son

  • Mat s Trip - Apocalypse part 2 (live) - Broken Mind Machine - the Anthology of Hate Violence & Destruction - What You Want is Not What You Got - Deeply Stoned Soul - System Equal Fucked in The Head
  • music recorded & mixed by MT at death666studios A , les arnauds city (2000-2009) B - Toulouse Hardcore (2000) Live performance recorded by Nitrous on May,13th at mauriac Sound City (MSC) to digital audio tape (thanks to yo) Toulouse Hardcore sound advisors & audio pirates 6L20, Ju (thanks for the fender), P4 sound system, PK sound system, MV Noizetek system de sound - beatbox, guitars, smashed sounds, samples, distorsion & the rest by Mat - All the other sounding recorded at death666studios 2002-2003 by Mat - add l engineering & mastering by Mat s Trip sound © copyrighted 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006 by death666records & M.T. all the samples are created by the musicians involved in the musical works

  • MV Noizetek - Pro Kardia - Violence and Violence - Maty and Vinz NoizeTek Say No To Pigs (vener version 3 & original sound rec) - Pop Music Makes Me Sick
  • all super sounding produced distorded recorded sampled hatched cutted pasted screamed fucked beatbox all over the place death666studios a, b & c, les arnusd city & toulouse (2000) Additional man,agement by Sylvain & Julien (A-Maniak) from Toulouse Hardcore Crew (2003) - big up to C4 sound system © 2000 death666records/MV Noizetek published by I Hate My Songs (BMI)/Death666Records Hardcore Publishing (SESAC)

  • Dissiped - Kapinallisern Kilpailu - Kielletyna Paasemasta suomeen -Poltakaa Fasistia
  • Music written and performed by Dissiped. recorded in toulouse - released under exclusive licence from paska records (toulouse) in association with death666records for the internet release. Lyrics : rebel's race/ overbirds of hte underground / who is the most marginal / who is the most rebel / who is the most true / in the race raccethe are only losers rebel s race fuck off / Track 02 Banned from finland far from our playground far from our roots we re banned from finland we don t care the nation bound to emiograte fuck off finlands bastards fuck off the bastards we ve been banned from finland - Lyrics reprouced with the kind permission from the band all songs and writting © 2008 Dissiped

  • Outtakes - G Sunset In the InterzoneWilliam Burroughs s Junky Cover Spoken Word
  • Words by William Buroughs - Music composed and performed by out//takes - Mixed & Recorded by Mat at the abstract soundscapes studios in 16-tracks analog digital cubase mix - Vinz : gtr, vox - Mat : gtr, vox - The text is © copyrighted William Burroughs Trust - Originally published by Ace Book under the title : Junky: confession of a unredeemed drug addict - New MP3 version including LAME encoding 320Kbps from the 6 tracks CD-R Alternate Takes by Outtakes Music and Sound © 2005 Outtakes, abstract concrete recordings published by SACEM

  • Dead Hippie Sound - Cut Part Five
  • ephemerous supersonic magic extatic band recorded louder than you think at abstract sound on GMR 3-track by Mat (2000) band composed of Camille (drums) with MV Noizetek (Mat and Vinz) on gtr & bass. music recorded at death666studios June-August 2000 by Mat on 3-track GMR, mixed & mastered, enginner : mat in 2000 at Abstract Sound © 2000 The Dead Hippie Sound/Death666/Abstract Sound Recordings Corp.

  • Outtakes - Leo's Art Videos - Elegy for the sacred butterfly - Electricty Pole September Waves (Videos)
  • from DVD boxset : "visuals_outtakes" self-released year 2006 following up the debut self titled LP 33.3 rpm 12 inch by Outtakes in a gorgeous 500 limited edition 12 inch vynil deluxe, maybe with some additional 45rpm but not yet

    Songs : Elegy For The Sacred Butterfly - September Waves/Electricity Pole : music written, composed & improvised by Outtakes (igor: keyboards, vinz: electric guitar), mat (electric gtr, bass) - sound recorded and mixed at the abstract soundscapes studios (winter 2005) by mat - mastered by Mr harris Newman at grey market mastering, Québec, canada - Manufactured by GZ Digital Media with Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) in Czech Republic (European Union) music published by SACEM

    Video directed by : Leo Tsou - Produced by L. Tsouo - Video, editing, production, vibes, visual, video assistant, fourth member of the band, long distance collaborative project via the internet, © 2005,2006,2008 L.Tsouo/Abstract Sound Recording Corp./abstract concrete recordings/outtakes

  • Various Artists - Ten Years of Hardcore a death666records anthology(1999-2009)
  • all the super soundings by The Anti Beat, Ass n Dick, SKLPL, Mat s Trip, The Dead Hippie Sound and Outtakes - recorded all over the place toulouse hardcore, death666 studios A, B and C, K Nibal Studios (to loose), Mauriac Sound City (Home recording and live recordings) Engeneers : Fred, Mat s Trip, Jules, Manu 2nd engeneering : The Ass n Dicks, Fred, Loulou - for this compilation (on 2xCD June, 6th 2009 and audio MP3) © 2009 death666records and the artists involved in the works - all songs written and performed by Ass n Dick, The Anti Beat, SKLPL, MT, - some excrept for samples had been taken from various motion pictures (see up above for more details)

    For permissions over the scope provided by the licence see scope

Creative Commons License
Streaming Audio Tape volume 5.1 by Abstract Sound Recording Corporation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 France License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Streaming Audio and downloads of digital audio sound recordings Requires broadband connection. All songs copyrighted by the artists involved in the musical works and released for the Internet under a Creative Commom licence Attribution-Pas de Modification-France 2.5. Music broadcasted by Abstract Sound Recordings, abstract/concrete recordings and death666records.All MP3 files in high quality audio. Sound up to 48kHz in streaming and encoded up to 320Kbps with LAME encoding for MP3

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About Podcast available on iTunes and SongBird

Death666record have created a Podcast (powered by FeedBurner) that allows you to read the songs on the podcast via iTunes and SongBird, you can subscribe to this Podcast through those free softwares and have a tracklisting of the songs playable on iTunes and SongBird, on iTunes on the Podcast section subscribe to our url, and on SongBird enter the podcast url on a new tab and that's it you got all the tracks loaded on playlist ready for reading and downloading. The Podcast is a RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication) that can eventually countains all media files types such as video, music etc.. You'll see you can dig out the "simple" from Really Simple Syndication by using those free softwares.

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Death666Records Compilation for 2009

A Compact Disc compilation inspired by the web tape will be issued soon a 12 track compil featuring Ass n Dick, The Anti Beat, SKLPL, old MT tunes and more songs will be released on CD soon the first death666 CD under a CC licence. The tracklisting will come to you soon since we need the approval of all the bands to slect the song to put on a hybrid compil of death hardcore punk versus techno harcore classics, mastering will take plaec at death666 with Disc Makers and Berklee University Press Sound Techniques. The full tracklisting will come to you very soon. as soon as we update for volume 6 with special tracks including drummer of Ass n Dick in full great stereo sound with noisy guitar and full mp3 songs to download or get with our sponsors FileDen, Boxter, and SU who help very much the website in its new composition both graphic and with more media to listen or view, away from the first minimalistic version back in 2000, now we have CSS programing and much more.…

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Free the sound on internet

The MP3 digital sound music format is the future of music those who are paranoiac about a certain misuse of the internet for downloading are a bunch of control freaks and the beguinners artists not the ones who have millions and no creativity at all share the power of the simple revolutionary tool which is the internet. Free the web with sound scapes and music downloads this is not the responsible as the audio tape was and the CD-Rs and the LP copies on tape or Mini Disc it is the freedom to distributre and copy digitally the sound with the licence and authorisation from the artists. Free the Web ! Only the big music corporations and the music giants are afraid of the power of cummunication that is internet in my view. Here in France we are covered by Creative Commom licences that had been imported and/or trasnlated into french right code to open our sound source for music sampling, the firsts CDs of abstract/concrete that had been released under CC licence and so for the forthcoming compil whioch will be released with Sampling Plus licence, very serious statements and declarations has been made by our mind control freaks active since the state had declare that internet is killing music, to me it gives birth and rises to a new kind of music away from the pot 40 and away from music making money music that play in the elevator or in the supermarket, these are not artists but millionaires complaining about the money stolen from them, they have billions and trillions in distribtuing their music via universal or virgin and still complain about this because they want much more money and the web is responsible, the audio tape was too at the time people dub their LP CD with cassettes and then it is now the net. Shame on the music money makers that think only of their bank account in switzerland and not the creative core that is the links on the internet, the emergence of so called new talents, people which often make music much more interesting artistically than the pot 40 stuff, people with new ideas and a new creative buzz that happen on internet. I don''t be leive in copy and loss of money I guess John Cage and Phillip Glmass were not millionaires but they had brillant ideas of sound recording, which made me ashame of france by the way the control freaks want more control and the internet provider supposed to give away personal informations when they cannot protect their www base from hackers and pirates who fuck up your computer with XP tools. France is now the new downer on music creation its support for artistic creations didn't overpass the military budget and so forth. At abstract sound and death666, the artists beleive that the multiple page views and song download make them more sucessful in term of indie careers than to play songs in your garage, the web was the tool to get you out of your cavern and then throw out music for the public directly, that's what we do with auto prod since almost ten years now and the first real player samples turns into MP3 yes MP3 of 40 minutes in full stereo and 48kHz sampling frequencie to have at your home for listening, you cannot do commercial explotation fo the works but indeed put it direct into your Ipod into your Iphone your MP3 player and go down the street listening to music or play music in your computer which is not an heresy, LP records are the only product which raise in the music market due to indie prods while the CD is going down the toilet in terms of selling music, the LP and MP3 are the future of music and the industry which doesn't want to listen to this such as emi and what radiohead do is interesting, we have the same process here give away what you want or get it free and who can compete with free ? So free the web.

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New activities and musical perspectives

Quite a lot of new sectiosn on the website, programmed lately with latest Web 2.0 requirement, jhavascripts and CSS techniques, I become quite pro now, with the help of Creative Commomp and Stumble of course. So many new sections and about the remix contest we will put additional links to help you create your own music with great software some are in limited use other not at all. Check out the following news stuff here and a lot of artistic MySpace from artists we worship

The content of the website had been rearranged recetly coming 2008 with the brand new mp3 album concept, powered by MediaFIre, Death666 Records had opened new website sections, one dedicated to text, one for all the artists blog and another, the most interesting, concerning ona giant online music file library from abstract concrete artists Outtakes and Mat's Trip.

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Death666Records news on blogspot

We opened recently a blog speca in order to feed frequent updated news about the label/website activity, the news releases, the mp3, the news from our artists, thios blog ios on Blogger we laucnh as well a blogspace on Wordpress dedicated to abstract sound and the artists also opened their own so we made a easy access page to go thriught the various news, you can also subscribe to RSS feed, check out it is there

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About Abstract Sound Recordings

Abstract Sound Recording is an auto produced home recording based company type which self released since 10 years Compact Disc and more recently CDs and LPs vynil 33t as two distinctive labels for their sound and experimental sound recordings death666records and abstract/concrete, both distinctive because of, at first, their different sounding, both in an expêrimental form specialy in the early soundd recording made at Toulouse, we plan to issue a compilation as an ensemle view of the labe and its evoltion in genres, the best moments were maybe the self produced Ass N dick and Anti Berat albums, bands that toured a lot and make death666 kind of famous in the independant concerts and all

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About Death666Records

Death666record is an independant label and as well the center of production with fully equiped home recording studio. We issue CD records since 1999 when we beguan by releasing our first productions of acid techno, the label evolve lately to produce metal and punk music. Abstract Sound Recordings (ASR) is separted in two distinct labels death666 & abstract/concrete recordings which is more dedicated to experimental soundscapes. For abstract we produce as well our recordings in our home studio using to the full possibilities of modern sound design with estethics of home recording with high quality standards in the productions at first higher than death666. Abstract release lenghty tracks in the field of experimental vast production where the recording space is used as a perfect tool for music and audio production. The label counts only few artists but the internet website open up possibilities in the field of music and transmition of our sound waves through broadband.

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Permissions beyond the scope

In accordance with the copyright and intellectual property, permissions beyond the scope could be obtained by contacting by mail, email or phone Mat Fizames at +33(0)6 337 9999 2,, and Abstract Sound recordings C/O Mat Fizames, Les Arnauds City, 46100 Faycelles, France. Additional permissions could be obtained for commercial broadcasting (commercials, TV or movie soundtrack) Or even use that are not include in the licence and that provide direct contact fr further arrangement in global worldwide music making. For your ears a remix from a nice guy on the web too, a new questionnaire featuring evidence that people who buys LP and CD have got a MP3 to play the band and other stuff too, you can also contact MSC at for rights of Ass'nDick and Anti Beat songs, for rights concerning SKLPL music and obtain permissions beyond the scope, all legal matters are provided under a solid legal translated copyright by creative Commoms CC ( For the two videos the copyrights are owned by Leo tsouo and Outtakes with abstract concrete recordings - Leo has been releasing the visuals for outtakes as a LT's production, we just do the soundtrack of this marvellous art film, very experimental and though almost noisy images in accordance with distorsions, for use of this videos apart from the internet links which may in the future replace theold page

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Thank you for your time

Abstract Sound Recording Corp is conducting a survey about your use of the internet regarding the music downloads and buying with the internet and throught artists websites and myspace. Thank you for helping us to build the new website. Commercial informations will be used to promotional items and gift, the personal field are not necessary to fill out except if you wish to receive by post mail and email informations about abstract sound recording, latests issues in post mail & email. Personal informationw sill not be shared with the trademarks written bellow except ASR Corp. Thank you for your time, the survey will be processed by ASR team if you didn't wish to receive anything by mail just don't enetr your name adress and all, it's up to you. Infor will not be communicated to amazon, skreemr, myspace, we don't work for them. But free gifts, LPs CDs will come to you son with rpinted catalog and playlist and so forth to your mailbox if you want, no harassment, just free stuff. We are ineterested in the music commerce on internet because a lot of people buy stuff from the internet and paypal is secured and we wish to sell more than just MP3. Have a nice day Tchus

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