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Posted on January 6th, 2009 by Administrator

Those pages countains the new internet links with many internet wide open web spaces with communities, artists, sound technicians, people we really appreciate very much, the first part of the links countains many inks to websites such as My Space, Last FM, artists websites, music production tips, free software links such as General Public Licence software to help you beguan with digital editing and mastering tools, for creating music and build your own remix for the further MP3/CD release of remixes. You may find as well a collection of MySpace from artists we like, we worship, we adore and we respect very very much. Other links with records labels, art projects we find deeply interesting, mostly indepedent that we adore for the music they release (and specially the LP they release). Also the place countaining the MySpace links will be extended as soon as we found new MySpace of artists we like with new links.The links countains as well references of Sound technician we've worked with (but not all by the way) a section to extend with recordings and masterings studios, production plant for helping you release a beautiful proffessionally processed project. Soon extended as well with some Last FM stations, we think we will create ours of abstract and death. And that's all enjoy those linksmany opens in new tabs to keep the content


Audio and Music Production

Posted on May 13th, 2009 by Administrator(mat467)

Essential Software for Music and Audio Production


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